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Is LeBron scared of the Dunk Contest?

The NBA dunk contest used to be an event where the best ‘dunkers’ in the NBA would have fun, put on a show, and show off their skills.  Isn’t LeBron James one of the best dunkers in the NBA?  Why has he never joined the dunk contest?

Maybe he thinks their is no good competition?  or Maybe he’s too scared of losing?  No one knows the answer.  But everyone knows that him and Nike are extra careful of branding his image, even though they fugged that up the last two years.  After LeBron was dunked on by Jordan Crawford at a summer basketball camp, members of Nike seized cell phones and camera footage of the dunk.

In the end it only made it look worse for LeBronThe dunk itself was not directly over LeBron and it’s a game LeBrons not god he can’t block everything.  It was eventually going to leak why not just let it out instead of trying to cover it up.  So as LeBron and Nike made the wrong decisions as they always do, his image continues to go downhill.

“What Should I Do?”

Join the dunk contest you dumbass.  You should have when you were younger but why not now.  Why not after your image went downhill.  What better to make fans watch and love you again.  Sure winning a championship might earn you some respect but your expected to.  LeBron will have to win more than one championship to be loved by fans again.

LeBron could say he just wants to win and does not mind if hes compared to Kobe or MJ when his career is over. #bullshit.  Any competitor in any sport wants to be considered the best.  And if Nike wants to make him similar to Black Mamba & His Airness why not have him join the contest.  Scared he’ll lose?  Who cares, Kobe Bryant lost to Vince Carter and it hasn’t affected his image.  As far as Jordan the jumpman logo that LeBron wears on his shoes was born in the dunk contest when Jordan took off from the free throw line.

As far as I see it the dunk contest could only help LeBrons image.  Unless he’s that unoriginal and uncreative or is just flat out scared of Blake Griffin.

Every player that was considered to be a great dunker has joined the contest.  Every star in the NBA today has taken part in the contest (except for teammate D Wade, but his best dunks are in traffic. Might not look as amazing on an open floor.)

Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, Amare Stoudemire, Josh Smith, Rudy Gay, J.R. Smith, Vince Carter and Tracy Mcgrady.  These are considered to be the best dunkers in the NBA (the last 2 are old now but were).  LeBron grow a sack and do what you love to do.

…it’s at the end of every add you have “just do it” foo.

What seemed to be a cool commercial at the time now  seems as if it’s another one of LeBron & Nikes ways to get around questionable decisions & negative publicity.  P.S. That jam is winning nooo contest.  Check out the best ever.




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Eddie gets his House Full O’ Nuts Back

David Stern…COME ON MANNNNN. On Monday the NBA fined Eddie House $25K for making a “crotch related gesture” after hitting a go ahead three pointer against the Thunder. David Stern you need to lighten up MANNN. Don’t get Roger Goodell on us all of a sudden.

Check out the celebration below….This doesn’t warrant a fine, especially considering the fact that House hasn’t hit a big three since his Celtic days, so he must be quite happy to finally see his nus again that he is symbolizing their rebirth to the fans.

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Queen James Tweeting about the Cavs collapse. DICK

Last night the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Cleveland Cavaliers by 55 points, and by the looks of the highlights it was quite depressing.

  • Kobe threw an off the backboard, 3 on none alley opp to Bynum when they were up by 30.
  • The Cavs shot under 30%, shooting 1 of 14 from 3 point territory.
  • The Cavs have now lost 21 of their last 22.
  • Cleveland’s coach Byron Scott who was a 3 time NBA champ with the Los Angeles Lakers was embarrassed in LA, the place he has dreamed of coaching his entire career.
  • And on top of all this, this was the first game the Cavs played without Varejao, who was just recently lost for the season.

After the game when things couldn’t have gotten any worse for the Cavs, who at this point have been beaten and thrown to the side of the crib, their former King had some words of encouragement.

Lebron James tweeted when the game was still not over (meaning the queen was either following or watching the game), “Crazy. Karma is a b****.. Gets you every time…Its not good to wish bad on anybody. God sees everything!”

Lebron seems to still be a little self conscious about his decision. And why is he attacking his former team, the place that made him the superstar he is especially when they are in a position of desperation. Lebron even claims that “It’s not good to wish bad on anybody”? Why not? You sold out on your old team and I don’t blame them for not wanting to see you succeed. I mean most Americans do not want to see you succeed. The Cavs went from being one of the best teams to the worst, and the last thing they need is you, Lebron, the reason for their collapse to tweet about Karma. But I guess it is pretty funny to bash someone when they don’t have anything back to say. HHAHAHAH. You truly are a piece of shit LEBRON.

Karma will catch up to you as well Mrs. James, don't worry about that homes.


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The Heatles?

"The Heatles"

Upon waking up this morning I found out that Queen James nicknamed himself, Bosh, and Wade (refuse to refer to them as the “the Big Three”) the “Heatles”. Are you serious haha? First off there were four Beatles not three: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr that many referred to as the Fab Four. Now unless Lebron meant to mention the efficiency master Joel Anthony, or the amazing skills of Carlos Arroyo in this “Heatles” then we may be completely blowing this out of proportion.

BUT even if Joel Anthony was a double double guy or Carlos Arroyo was hitting threes all the way from his Puerto Rican hometown, in the words of Chuck that nickname is just terrible. I mean try saying “Heatles”. It makes me feel awkward just saying it. Lebron I know your judgment towards your NBA career isn’t all that good, but now I have to question your swag. If you have any left at all after this summer.

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