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Super Bowl Flops

In all everything about Superbowl XLV was a fail or flop, besides well the game itself.

1) National Anthem mishap and performance: Was it just me or did Christina Aguilera look out of it during her performance. She not only messed up the lyrics but her voice was just not there…FLOPPP

2)Joe Buck and Troy Aikman announcingFLOPPPP: I have no idea what the Fox execs saw in either of these two to hire them as “announcers” out of all things. They are flat out boring, and I honestly was falling in and out of sleep throughout the game (or that might be b/c I ate 40 wings, whatever). Joe and Troy should call up Barrett Robbins and all live together in Tijuana where they can all Scissor each other because we know Joe Buck is down.

3) Super Bowl CommercialsFLOPPP: Most of the commercials sucked. Ford what is NY about you, and Eminem I thought you don’t do commercials?

4) Halftime Show.….FLOPPPP, Kill yourselves.: Black Eyed Peas gave me a black eye just watching them. They all sucked, and they needed Slash to try to save them. Check out the article below about Fergie-Ferg (give it up like your addiction Ferg).

5) 400 Ticket Holders Not Seated. Yet another JERRY JONES FLOPPPPP: Imagine acquiring a ticket to the Super Bowl, planning your whole weekend around the game, taking a plane to Dallas, and THEN not being allowed to SEE IT. Well with Jerry Jones behind an operation, everything and anything is possible. Jerry decided to sell tickets to 1,250 seats that were not yet “ready” for the game. So 800 people were relocated, leaving 400 out of seating. WAY TO GO JERRY.

6) Celebrity Sightings…FLOPPPP well besides A Fraud: From John Madden texting, to George W. Bush still looking for Osama Bin Laden, these sightings sucked. If it wasn’t for A Rod being Fed, HILARIOUS, this would have been a major flop.

In all the Super Bowl was flat out FLOPPY. Thanks to Roger Goodell and Jerry Jones for putting together a true Spectacle.


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New Video…FloppingOut Superbowl Edition…LETSSS GETTT ITTTTT

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Famous Free Sports Streaming Website SEIZED by HOMELAND SECURITY! WHAT?

Great Job Homeland Security, I heard theres some kind of war or group of terrorist your supposed to be looking for.

The famous free sports/live TV website ATDHE.NET has been shutdown and seized by US Homeland Security.

I for one used to use the site whether I was at work, or trying to follow my fantasy football team during the season instead of paying my life savings for Dish-Network and the NFL Sunday Ticket. Good to see that the Government is more occupied with shutting down a website that most college students used to follow their TV Shows or Favorite Sports team, then trying to save them money in student loads. Great priorities!

I posted the news on my twitter account, and with-in the first 5 minutes I’ve had 10+ replies expressing their frustrations, as most of them ARE College Students and or people under the age of 30, who financially can’t afford the very expensive packages (NBA League Pass, NFL Sunday Ticket, etc)

This sucks, oh well, off to find the next underground streaming website. Stupid Government!

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Troy Polamalu WINS NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year Award, NO!

NFL Voters made the wrong damn choice again, look at what happened with George Bush, voters never learn.

For the second consecutive year, the NFL voters made the wrong choice for Defensive Player of the Year. Last year the Green Bay Packers CB Charles Woodson was given the award when almost all of the league thought New York Jets CB Darrelle Revis should have won it.

NOW fast forward one year, and their at it again. Pittsburgh Steelers S Troy Polamalu was voted today for the same award, somehow beating out Green Bay’s LB Clay Matthews. Polamalu received 17 out of 50 votes, Matthews got 15.  Steelers LB James Harrison received 8, Bears DE Julius Peppers got 6, Bears LB Brian Urlacher received 2, Ravens S Ed Reed and Ravens DT Haloti Ngata both received 1 vote.

Who really cares about the numbers, Matthews was robbed. Don’t get me wrong Polamalu is an AMAZING player, he may make the biggest impact on a team there is, but for an individual award Matthews should have been the clear cut winner.

Hell, if you want to talk numbers we can, sure Polamalu had 7 interceptions, taking one back for a TD, but Matthews stats as a OLB are amazing. 13.5 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, and an interception for a TD. Not to mention his stellar postseason numbers too, but this is a regular season award.

Clay Matthews on his twitter account ( @ClayMatthews52 ) took the high road and congratulated Polamalu, who also had a great tweet on HIS own twitter account. Then things got strange as Troy got all curly, queer haired on us with the love fest.

It leads me to my point, why do the voters continue to give out awards based on “names” Woodson last year had a great year, but Darrelle Revis (who at the time wasn’t as big of a name as he is now) may have had one of the best defensive seasons in history.

You be the judge people, who do you think should have won the award?

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Shawne Williams vs Marvin Williams Fight, WEAK.

I went to a Basketball game and a fight broke out or I went to a fight and a Basketball game broke out. Either way that was weak, New York Knicks Forward Shawne Williams and Atlanta Hawks Forward Marvin Williams (No relation) went at it after what seemed to be a shove in the back of the neck by Marvin. Shawne and Marvin then seemed to do their best Kissin cousin act here  (Williams I heard you good with those soft lips, yea you know word of mouth)

Which ever way you look at it, it really wasn’t as big of a deal as it seemed since no real punches were thrown. We’ll see how Mr.David Stern sees it.

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