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New Video…FloppingOut Superbowl Edition…LETSSS GETTT ITTTTT


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Vikings DE Everson Griffen had an Interesting Few Days

Judging by this picture of Griffen, there's about to be a "Public Disturbance" up in this bitch.


Minnesota Vikings DE Everson Griffen had a week for the record books. The former USC standout was arrested TWICE in the matter of 3 days.

Griffen was selected in the fourth round of last years NFL Draft even though many had him graded as first round talent, much due to his off field trouble, and trouble is what he found himself in this week.

On Saturday night Griffen was arrested in Hollywood for being drunk in public by the LAPD, but was released later the next day. That was only the beginning, Griffen was pulled over around 4PM on Monday, and of course he didn’t have valid identification on him. As Police were questioning him, he began to get aggressive and actually GRABBED on of the Cops in the crotch and tried to run away from the officers. He was then tased and arrested. Not before the ever so popular ” I don’t want to go back to jail” slipped out of his mouth, I’m serious!

This isn’t the first run in with the law as you can imagine, Griffen was cited for a noise disturbance while at USC. Now this isn’t OJ Simpson or Lawrence Taylor type offenses, you can bet your last dollar the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell will do their due diligence.

Although he was arrested, LAPD said today that Griffen won’t be facing felony charges since it was his “first offence”

If I’m Everson, I’d work on that 40 time and his speed, getting caught by the LAPD aint exactly the Bears defense, get ready to run big boy.

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Goodell to make $1 a year….whhhaaaaaattttt

Roger Goodell claims that in the event of a lockout he is willing to cut his salary to $1. My question is why not 50 cents or 25 cents. Why does he still have to make a $1. Or even why not $2, I mean then Goodell might still be able to buy a bottle of water. Or rather Goodell should can it and actually do something to get an agreement reached by March because my fat ass needs something to do on Sunday and a reason to eat wings all day. Carl Francis the NFLPA communications director smells the Goodell B.S. when he states in regards to Roger….

“I have been around long enough to know that this decision is irrelevant to the process. He should also guarantee there won’t be a lockout”


Roger looking good BRA

So Goodell LETSSS GETT IT, and get this agreement done. Stop waiting in front of your phone and television set for another athlete to get their thug on, or a FOOTBALL player to actually hit someone. LOVE YOU ROG

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41 year old Brett Favre has sent his retirement papers in and is now retired for 3rd TIME


This can’t happen. What is ESPN going to talk about during the entire offseason.

But we are not worried, Favre is coming back. Especially after all that that has occurred with Jen Sturger how is Brett going to deal with his wife Deanna. Looks like Brett will be back yet again.

Good Luck at Home Brett

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Homeless hero, Golden Radio Voice ARRESTED, NO!

Ted Williams, the Homeless Man with the "Golden Voice" Oh no!

I’m sure by now you all know the story of Ted Williams, the homeless man with the golden radio voice. If not I’ll break it down for you real quick. There was this homeless man in Columbus Ohio hanging out on the side of a thruway with a sign that read something along the lines of give me money and I will talk to you with my cool voice. So one day a local reporter came across the man and did a brief interview with him, here it is by the way, saved you a trip just because were so awesome here.

Here is a brief overview of his recent success.

Well anyway, there has been recent reports that Mr.Williams is having a hard time adjusting to the limelight and maybe had a few breakdowns, whether its drugs or alcohol related, who knows. We all know Ted Williams is getting all tuned up 24-7.

This morning I woke up and saw the headline, Ted Williams, homeless man with the golden voice, detained by LAPD at Hollywood Hotel. Needless to say, I didn’t spit out my morning coffee, actually my reaction was just a subtle head shake, and a yawn. I mean SERIOUSLY, it’s a great story and I wish him all the best, but the guy has been in the gutter for years, his own mother doesn’t even think he had it in him. Now judging from other reports, Williams got into a VERBAL dispute with his daughter which was nothing to serious, but apparently it was loud enough that the police were called. All im saying is maybe there was a reason this mad couldn’t cut it, lets just not be shocked that he is melting down. Either way this beers for you Mr.Williams, nah just kidding, you can’t drink it. Good Luck!

UPDATE: Jan 11 @ 3:43PM- The disturbance occurred between Williams and his daughter, it was said to be about, get this, MONEY. Yeah, shocking. I’m sure Ted owe’s tons of money in child support considering he has 9 kids, and has been jobless for over 10+ years.

No charges were pressed, and both were released by Police.

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