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AARP is calling, pick up the phone!

Well today in the MLB, 3 once solid MLB veterans found teams that are desperate enough to go to the well one last time for these guys.

Aww how cute? Reunited and it feels so goooood!

Manny Ramirez and Johnny Damon both agreed to contracts with the Tampa Bay Rays, yes the same Rays that wont fork up a few extra dollars to keep the likes of Carl Crawford and Matt Garza, but instead give old man winter (Damon) and Old Fertile Manny each 6+ mil.

NOW, the Baltimore Orioles have reportedly signed OF/DH Vladimir Guerrero to a one-year deal, for a “humbling” amount, whatever that nonsense means, or what you want to believe.

Vlad maybe the only professional athlete with worse knees then Danilo Gallinari

Seriously, AARP is calling guys, pick it up, or have you….


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