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Green Bay Packers Worrying about the Wrong Things and McCarthy Shrinkage.

One thing is for sure, the Green Bay Packers will not be feeling too hot after the Superbowl. According to Dallas Cowboy players, the Home Team locker room showers at Cowboys Stadium “hasn’t had much hot water for postgame showers.” Jason Witten told ESPN, “You get a little chilly when you get out of there.”

Green Bay is the home team and from recent comments is already affected by the news. ESPN’s Todd Archer reports that “Several Packers were taken aback by the news. Linebacker A.J. Hawk asked his former Ohio State teammate Bobby Carpenter about the stadium and the former Cowboy did not mention the lack of hot water.”

In addition, Green Bay’s right tackle Bryan Bulaga said, “Wow, that puts a damper on the day…Cold water? I’m just saying, how much did that stadium cost: $1.2 billion? Get a hot a water tank.”

WOW. I never thought I’d say this but inexperience seems to be hurting Green Bay during the two week layoff before the Superbowl. It began early last week when the entire organization made a huge deal about players on the IR not being included in the “Superbowl Team Photo“. It got to a point where Aaron Rodgers had to call Nick Barnett to explain the situation and provide Barnett with his backing. Rodgers told ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio that he and Barnett, “Ironed things out. I didn’t think there needed to be an apology on either side.”

Now players are worried about a cold postgame shower? Green Bay do yourselves a favor…WORRY about the game that is being played on Sunday because it is a pretty big one. Don’t worry about fat boy McCarthy having to move the team photo back a few days or Jerry Jones’ deficiencies in designing a new stadium (remember the megatron haha), get ready for the game because you can be damn sure Tomlin and Company are.

We all know who is going to have some major shrinkage when he gets back on the bus.


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Club Hires SWAT Agents as Security for Mike Vick’s Super Bowl Bash

Leave your gat at home, aint no one is shootin anyone up in here.

Looks like a Dallas Club Owner isn’t technically buying into Mike Vick’s recent Crystal Clear image. The Philidelphia Eagles QB is hosting a big Super Bowl Bash this Friday Night at a Club in Dallas Texas, this time it looks like the Club wont take any chances. Owner Jeff Skaggs says he has hired at least 3 Agents from the SWAT team to make sure nothing goes down, Unlike the Last time Vick hosted a big party like this, someone got shot up.

Vick claimed in 2010 that he had nothing to do with the shooting that took place at his 30th Birthday party at a West Virginia NightClub. No charges were filed against Vick, and the story seemed to disappear.

In fact, Jeff Skaggs, the owner and GM of the Club tells us there will be multiple security measures in place Friday night, including:

Mike Vick‘s own private security team, the NFL is also including It’s own Security.
— The club is bringing in extra members of their own security staff
—  And Guests will be searched and wanded on the way in

Vick and Skaggs say they are not worried at all with the heightened security at the party. Damn, there better not be, seems like a shit load of money will be dished out.

Vick is a changed man, isn’t he?

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Yes! She is back for Media Day but BEWARE Ines

Remember the reporter that New York Jets players “allegedly” harassed during summer sessions…..Well good news is she is BACK and damnn finnee!

On Tuesday, Ines Sainz reported to media day in Dallas for full coverage of Superbowl XLV. When asked about her return to reporting, Sainz said, “This is a day when we in the media can share a really good time with the players in a very relaxed environment.”

Ines I wouldn’t use the words “relaxed” and “good time” in the same sentence when you know who is still around. I mean I understand that Jet players were throwing footballs your way, but WITH the one and ONLY BIG BEN in the building you may get some other “BALLS” thrown your way. Green Bay should use this to their advantage by trying to lure Ines as close to Ben as possible.

Ines, my only advice is make sure you stay far from any public restroom areas and know at all times where Mr. R is. Nice Buns BTW.

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Ben must really be a Creep

In Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback it was discovered that during the offseason while Roger Goodell was in the process of giving Big Ben his sentence, he decided to talk to 24 of Roethlisberger’s teammates about the incident. To his surprise not one of Ben’s 24 teammates came to his defense. Goodell told Peter King (who should be banned from twitter) that, “not one, not a single player, went to his defense.”

Well if Ben’s teammates have no defense on his alleged sexual assault case then he must be A REAL CREEP and they must know about his drunken or maybe sober (who knows these days) ways.


Big Ben about to get his Creep on. Get em Bennnn. You can do it. You can forcefully try to bang girls Allll Nightttt Longgg....

I mean getting all banged up and going around the bar creeping on girls is alright (I do it religiously, probably tonight), but when you are forcefully bringing girls into the bathroom or whatever Ben does, that is just flat out creepy. And based on King’s conversation with Goodell it seems that Ben’s teammates are not at all surprised with his behavior.

On a similar note, Goodell seemed disappointed with the outcome of their meeting when he claimed to King that “he doesn’t feel any connection” with Roethlisberger. I mean Roger if you want Ben to get all creepy on you, just take him to the bar. I’m sure you’ll get it in. Now this makes me think, how exactly did Ben get that sentence down to 4 games…HMMMMMM?

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At the end of the Day the Jets did Play LIKE A JET

What happened to the Jets in the AFC championship game versus the Pittsburgh Steelers was quite simple. THE JETS needed to be the underdog and have the odds stacked against them in order to play well and motivated. For example during Wildcard weekend against the Colts the Jets were the underdogs (even if they had a better regular season record) and they played quite well winning by 1 point. Same story against the Patriots. No one including Jet lovers thought that the Jets were actually going to win that game. I mean the Jets were flat out beat in the 45-3 rout against the Patriots during the regular season and it would have been quite a shocker if they had won. So with the odds stacked against them, the Jets were in their true/best form during the first two weeks of the postseason, specifically the week before the Patriots Game. They were talking trash, making predictions, and getting motivated and pumped for an opponent that the world gave them no chance to win against. And the Jets played balls to the wall, and beat the Patriots in surprising fashion. BUT what happened after the Patriots game? What happened to the team that talked smack and let their opponent know of the beating they were going to bring? What happened to the coach that guaranteed victories? What happened was that for the first time all playoffs and probably all season the Jets were a favorite by many to make it to the SuperBowl. Waittttt….the Jets in the Superbowl or even win the Superbowl? No wayyyyyy….

And even the Jets were not prepared to be that team that the world for the first time was starting to have confidence and believe in. The Jets wanted to be that true underdog as they were all season when non Jet football fans were saying “Yes you are winning, but you are lucky in how you are winning and you are only beating bad teams.” And during the playoffs when no one expected the Jets to beat Manning and Brady in back to back weeks. But the Jets did beat the Colts and Pats, and when it was time to get out of this  “We are the underdogs and we are going to prove the world wrong, beat up on our opponent and win the Superbowl” mentality, the Jets were for the first time all season not themselves against Pittsburgh.

The day after the Jets beat the Patriots you saw it in the face of their coach, Rex Ryan who all year claimed a Superbowl victory but no one actually believed the stupid fat man. And for the first time in a playoff press conference Rex didn’t have the same confidence or swag, nor make any guarantees in true Rex fashion. Even the players seemed sort of shocked that they had won, and many of them did not “talk like a Jet”. So the Jets for the first time all season were in a dilemma as to how to get themselves prepared to beat the Steelers and make it to the Superbowl. The Jets did not talk trash the week before the AFC Championship game and did not portray themselves as that underdog that they wanted to be all season. And the world would see it in the first half of the AFC Championship game.

Bart Scott couldn't wait to miss about 5 tackles in the AFC Championship Game. Believe it or not the Jets could not get motivated for this game until they were down 24-3 and the underdog once again.

In the first half of the AFC Championship Game the Jets came out as if they had 10 pound weights wrapped around their ankles. They couldn’t run, block, tackle, and even cover at times. Rashard Mendenhall made the Jets look like a college football team. On the other hand, if you watched how the Jets played against New England, especially in the first half, the Jets looked so much faster and much more aggressive on both sides of the ball. Now yes fatigue may have played a factor in the Jets soft play against the Steelers in the first half, but what about the second half? In the second half down 24-3, the Jets were back in their “underdog, world against us mentality, and their play showed.” With the second half starting, down 24-3, and no one expecting the Jets to win: the Jets miraculously got that speed and aggression back. Of course the Steelers did take the foot of the gas pedal a bit, but by watching the Jets in the second half they for sure had the same speed and aggression that we saw the previous 2 weeks of the postseason.

However, at the end of the day time ran out, as it does with most teams that play in this fashion. To be a Champion you have to go out and get it. You can’t wait for someone or something to give you a reason to win, but you have to JUST GO OUT AND WIN. And at the end of the day the Jets did play like a Jet, and did not have that F the world mentality until the second half down 24-3, but time as it always does in sports runs out. The Jets were probably better off talking trash the week before the Steeler game. And the Jets would see their season end and it was a great season in all respects. Lets see how the Jets come out next year because we all know big Rexy may gain a few pounds back after this postseason. Rex you need to either get on that Elliptical or keep making those videos to keep yourself active so you don’t gain that weight back….LETSSS GETTT ITTT REXX.

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Bears doing the Hanie…while Cutler needed a Hanky

Caleb Hanie was balling out against the Green Bay Packers completing 65 % of his passes as he looked like the quarterback the city of Chicago has always wanted, especially in a big playoff game. But the Bears real starter and the guy Chicago was depending on to come through versus a tough Green Bay defense (particularly against the pass) was sitting like Buddha on the sidelines. During the NFC championship game, Jay Cutler the quarterback the Bears gave up Kyle Orton, two first round picks and a third rounder for was sitting on the sidelines, completely disinterested. If you saw the game Culter looked so relaxed on the sideline, with his typical arrogant, “I AM THE MAN AND EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW IT” look, that I was surprised the Bears’ organization didn’t have a servant massaging him or giving him cups of tea during the game. BUT Cutler did have an MCL sprain SOO………COME ONNN give the guy a break. Not the case here at FloppingOut. LESSS GET ITTTT

Now I Understand that Cutler has been taking unwanted criticism throughout his entire career and I am not the one to bash someone who is actually hurt. But why wasn’t Jay sent to the locker room to test out and diagnose the extent of his injury (which we now know was an MCL Sprain). I understand that trainers told Jay that he could not go back in because he was too hurt to play, or that if he did play hurt he would hurt his Team chances to win (doubt that is possible with Todd “big play for the defense” Collins), but didn’t Jay try. Rather, why wasn’t the golden boy himself testing out his knee on the sideline, or even make an effort to talk some Love into his coach to let him in. Was it that bad that he couldn’t try to get himself back into the biggest game of his career. I GUESS NOT…. I mean the team did invest a ton in you Jay, but I guess a sprain isn’t worth a shot to try to come back and invest yourself in them.

But what happened after the game was even more surprising and hilarious that I want to rip on Jay just a little bit. Jim Trotter of Sports Illustrated reports that when asked about other players comments about Cutler’s, Cutlet thick skin, Jay turned around started to fiddle something and had tears running down his eyes. OOOO Poor Little Jay…we feel so bad for you. Please Jay this is football not soccer, not tennis, golf or even baseball. Football players are tough as nails and for them to give you some shit via Twitter about your sideline posing, and disinterest or will to try and return into the NFC Championship game should have been expected, not cried over. Football players work all year: two a days, lifts, morning runs, team meetings, meals, film, practice, pregame stretching and procedure (which is probably the most annoying part believe it or not), regular season games etc…That for Cutlet skined Cutler to not give it his all not for himself which is actually expected because we know that when Jay is uncomfortable he bails (Denverrrrrr) but rather for his teammates is just sad and not what football is about.


The Man Himself Jay Cutlet

And for the record I am a Jay Cutler fan. I like the way he plays, and how he plays with guts and even balls when he takes continuous hits, gets up and stills plays well. But when it comes to football or maybe even life no one is Cooler and more important in Jay Cutler’s life than Jay Cutler. It seems that he cares about himself and only himself.

Jay you do have a great mug though, we gotta hit up the club one night. You could by my wing man OOOO I forgot I would have to be your Wing Man because you are after all THE ONE AND ONLY JAY CUTLER.

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NFL Divisional Saturday

NFL Divisional Round, separating the Men from the Boys.

The moment you’ve all been waiting for since last Sunday, my official breakdown, and predictions for this weeks games, money on the line, dignity, whatever, I was 4-0 last week, with my upset special the SEAHAWKS!

This week I’ll pick’em, break’em down a bit, but I won’t be offering a “Wild Card” since Wild Card weekend has come and gone, now this is where the big boys play. Instead I will be picking a player from each of the 4 teams today (4 tomorrow) as my Big playmakers. It’s simple, I will pick a guy who I think will go off, statistically.

Ok, I’ll shut up, and make you all some more money. Bet it and forget itttt.

The "Bloodbath" Ravens @ Steelers

Baltimore @ Pittsburgh 4:30 PM Saturday 1/15/2011

What a way to start your Weekend, these are the best in the NFL, no doubt about it, the hatred for each other is immense, yet there is still a “Mutual Respect” factor between the two. Both these teams run the football, play defense; hence the reason why these teams are annually in the playoffs. They smack you in the mouth, and physically beat you down. I can’t wait for this game. Lets GET IT>

Home field advantage is obviously in the Steelers favor, but I don’t think it will factor into the final decision.

I’m taking the Ravens over the Steelers, 16-13.

Players to watch for:

Baltimore : RB Ray Rice, for the Ravens to win this game, they will lean heavily upon Rice. Lets face it you’re not going to successfully run the ball on Pittsburgh, but the Ravens MUST stay committed. Rice can have a very big game catching passes out of the backfield, which I expect him to do. I can see a 21 Carry 75 yards rushing day, and 6 rec 54 yards with a TD through the air for the man FROM NEW ROCHELLE.

Pittsburgh: S Troy Polamalu, Men lie, Women lie, numbers don’t, that’s all you need to know when it comes to Polamalu and the Steelers. Pittsburgh is 25-8, and they are only allowing 14 points and 266 yards per game, with Polamalu in the lineup. Without him, the Steelers are 7-6, giving up 23 points and 320 yards per game. What else needs to be said? Troy, if healthy, could be the sole reason the Steelers defense puts the clamp down and wins. 8 tackles, and a FF for Troy.

Packers @ Falcons

Green Bay @ Atlanta 8:20 PM  Saturday 1/15/2011

Since Matt Ryan began his career in Atlanta them boys from the ATL are all but unbeaten at home. On the other hand Green Bay is riding high, and specifically their defense ranks up there with the best, if not the best out of all the teams remaining. So something has to give. A LOT of people have been hopping on the Packers bandwagon, where my floppy ass has been seated nicely ALL year-long, but it has gotten to a point where I kindly stood up, and gave my seat to a new member. All week I have been trying to find ways to pick the Packers, but I have given up hope, I’m back with the Falcons. It’ll be a great game, and I see the score settling in the 20’s for both teams, but I don’t see Mr. Rodgers answering the call. Atlanta is a tough place to travel, and to be totally honest this should have been your NFC championship matchup.

I like the Falcons over the Packers, 28-24.

Players to watch for:

Green Bay: LB Clay Matthews, Clay has been nothing short of amazing this year definitely a DPOY candidate, and the guy is just MEAN. We all know he will get pressure on Matt Ryan and have this defense ready to go. Green Bay will try to slow Michael Turner down and make the Falcons a one-dimensional team. 5 tackles, and a sack for the kid from USC.

Atlanta: WR Roddy White, I think White is going to go OFF. He is as physical, and as talented as any WR in the NFL. He runs amazing routes, has great hands, and makes plays on the ball like the best. The Charles Woodson/ Roddy White matchup is key in this game, but I think White will get the best out of Woodson. I can see 8 Rec 110 yards and a TD from RODDYYY.

As you floppers know, I will make my picks for Sunday’s two games. These picks will come well, on Sunday. Enjoy todays slate of games, good luck to you, and your teams. Get your flop on, eat some chips, and watch some FOOTBALL AMERICAAA.

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Brady’s rings questionable? SPYGATE. How Dare You!

While speaking to the Mad Dog on Sirius XM Radio, Terrell Suggs did the unthinkable. He called Tom Brady’s three rings questionable. OMG. You can’t do that to the Patriots, to Belichick. Come on Suggs, have some class for the classiest organization in sports.

HAHA the reality is Suggs had some reason for what he said, and for the record Suggs never called Brady’s rings tainted as every website/blog in the United States claims. Suggs merely said in reference to Brady’s rings, “I think, a questionable three” and although the word “questionable” may seem a little exaggerated, it may not be that out of line. Suggs first mentioned the “Tuck Rule” as a reason for the “questionable” nature of Brady’s rings. What Suggs claims in his conversation with the MAD DOG was that if the tuck rule was  implemented during the epic Pats, Raider showdown in the 2001-2002 Divisional Playoff game, it may have resulted in Brady’s pass/tuck a fumble, which would have lead to an early exist to Brady’s Cinderella season. However my take is that rule changes like this which result in one team winning and the other losing occur in sports and are part of its nature, so to attribute the tuck rule as a reason for Brady’s rings being questionable does not hold much floppy ground.

ON THE OTHER HAND or TIT…Suggs’ second reason may hold some water. Videotaping or Spy Gate! NOOOO!!! It is in fact true that the Patriots were videotaping opponents during the 2001-2002 season (and subsequent seasons until finally being caught in September of 2007, after the Jets game). More so, they specifically taped the Rams’ pregame practice before Superbowl 36, and it must have given them even if minor, some sort of advantage. The Pats would also only win by 3 points, and you never know if they had not got their paparazzi on what would have been the outcome of that game. And if they had not won that first Brady Superbowl who knows if the Pats dynasty would have resulted. You know how it is in football, when you win everything is good but when you lose coaches/players leave, schemes differ, moral significantly changes etc…Also the next two Superbowls the Pats would win each by only 3 pts (2004 against Panthers and 2005 against Eagles), in which Spygate was not yet discovered SO who knows if Belichick would have gotten it in a few more times as a result of winning the Superbowl.

Finally, why is talking about Spygate such a hidden subject. It was discussed for quite a small amount of time, compared to my man Tim Donaghy, Roids in baseball, or irrevalent stories about foot fetishes, trash talking etc….(gotta love it though) and then the Pats were fined and that was it. Why has the NFL never had a full investigation on Spygate. Roger Goodell is all about investigations and the one that went into Spygate took as long as it takes me to eat a chicken cutlet. And on top of this GOODELL DESTROYED ALL THE SPY GATE TAPES. WHY? Not that I am in for extensive investigations, but if you are going to exclusively investigate Vick for dog fighting and Burress for being too gangsta with it and shooting himself, why not do a thorough investigation on Spygate. BUT WHAT DID GOODELL DO? He destroyed the Spygate tapes and senator Specter needed to call for a furthering of the investigation in 2008 (which eventually never went anywhere anyway…read the article yourself


Ray J would have been a great filmer for the Patriots. Look at that crisp shot, capturing the perfect angle.

So in the end calling Brady’s rings questionable does  have some validity to it even though many may have been getting their Ray J on around the League. But the bigger issue is why has the NFL not looked into this manner of secret videotaping more when it could change the outcome of games on Sunday? I mean I understand now it is too late. But even if it was not, Goodell destroyed all the tapes anyway. WAY TO GO ROGER. Why don’t you just wait for the next time a black athlete gets drunk and does something stupid, and spend the next three months investigating that.

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Those Crazy ass people from Seattle

Here at
FloppingOut we had our doubts about all the talk about how crazy those Seahawk fans are. I mean come on, how crazy can people in Seattle be, I MEAN THEY are from Seattle. Also being an avid football fan for the last ten years it seems that everyone always refers to a teams’ fan base as being real tough, or that this or that stadium is real hard to play in. But what happened yesterday during Marshawn Lynch’s spectacular 67 yard touchdown in the 4th quarter against them Saints shows that we need to stop being doubters here at FloppingOut and give credit where credit is due.

Seahawk fans really are"BEASTMODE"

DuringLynch’s run the Pacific Northwest Seismic Monitoring Station Network or a device used to measure the intensity of earthquakes, found that at 4:43pm PT time (during the amazing run), BEASTMODE CAME TO LIFE at QWEST FIELD. It was recorded that a small tremor or hurricane occurred at the SoDO or the Southern Dome area of the stadium. Seahawk Fans we must say you are fucking crazy and you better keep that up next week because we all know Cutler’s panties will get real wet if enough pressure is put on him. DO WORK SEATTLE.

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Is Terrance Cody Floppy?

Wow, look at his marvelous rolls flowing in the wind. One word….. FLOPPY.

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