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Top 10 Sexiest ESPN Female Employees

FloppingOut is offering you a BETTER top 10, an ESPN Top 10 Sexiest Females

Ground breaking poll here at FloppingOut, were going to go a different route. I’m going to give a list of 10 Female Anchors/Reporters that are STILL employed by ESPN, and you are going to vote on who is the sexiest. I already know my vote, and I know where my Co-Blogger Francesco is going with his. Now its time to see who really gets your Bat and Balls warmed up for Baseball season.

Now I’m not ranking these women in MY personal order, just alphabetically. “Less Gett It

Erin Andrews

1. Erin Andrews– What can you say, from “peephole” videos to flaunting her sexy self on College Campuses while doing College Gameday, this sideline reporter is HOT!

Michelle Beadle

2. Michelle Beadle– This chick is awesome, down to earth and just a cool girl, looks like she’d be a lot of fun! ;). Beadle co-host SportsNation on ESPN with Colin Cowherd.

Bonnie Bernstein

3. Bonnie Bernstein– One of my favorites, Bonnie actually is fantastic at her job, used to be a sideline reporter for Sunday Night Baseball, but recently she works on 1050 Radio ESPN NY, New York Football Live with Greg Buttle (Ex-Jets Linebacker)

Linda Cohn

4. Linda Cohn– This one is interesting, she JUST made the top 10, Linda is a very famous and respected SportsCenter anchor, been at ESPN forever and even with her getting up there in age, she sexes up the show a bit.

Colleen Dominguez

5. Colleen Dominguez– 2nd mention of the week here on FloppingOut not to shabby sweetie! This Spicy Latina flies under the radar a bit, she is a Sports Reporter, covers breaking news stories, and other reports for ESPN.

Rachel Nichols

6. Rachel Nichols– Ahh Rachel, just looking at her, you can tell she gets down. Rachel is an intrigal part of NFL Sunday NFL Countdown as well as Monday Night Football. You can also catch her on E60 and SportsCenter.

Wendi Nix

7. Wendi Nix– Wendi primarily handles coverage for NFL, and College Football games featuring teams from the New England area. Wendi at age 36 can still get it.

Sage Steele

8. Sage Steele– Sage is another great SportsCenter anchor, whether it’s that curly hair, or the hottest african-american host, Sage just does it for me.

Hannah Storm

Hannah Storm

9. Hannah Storm– You’d never guess Hannah was 48 years old by looking at her, she is fine. Those sexy legs that she has no problem flaunting will captivate you, just ask Tony Kornheiser. Hannah does the AM editions of SportsCenter and also covers the NBA along with Stuart Scott.

Michelle Tafoya

10. Michelle Tafoya- Michelle is a fox, I’m not sure whether its my obsession with Marisa Tomei that does it because I think they have a lot in common looks wise, or that she is usually on the other side of Suzy Kolber (who i can’t stand) as sideline reporters on Monday Night Football, either way, Tafoya is a hot piece of ace.

Now it’s all up to you guys, vote away, vote multiple times who cares? Let’s see at the end of the week, who you think is the finest chick at ESPN.



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E Poll’s Top Ten Most Disliked (Assholes) in Sports

E Poll Market Research conducted a survey amongst 1,000 adult sports fans asking them to rank active players, coaches, owners or commentators on a dislike scale ranging from “Dislike Somewhat” to “Dislike” to “Dislike a Lot.” Each person that was surveyed needed to have at least a 10% minimum awareness score in order to be included, so Peter King for example would probably not have his score counted.

The Top Ten Most Disliked People in Sports….

  1. Al Davis (68% dislike)…No surprise here, the guy is a straight up jackass. “Creepy” was the most common word used to describe Al and I could not have described big Al better myself.
  2. Michael Vick (56% dislike)…His dislikedness dropped 13 points from last year but the PETA faithful  is still at no.2. I mean I guess I am a little surprised because I thought Vick helped turn his image around after this year….but when you treat dogs as if they should play Jesus in the Passion of The Christ I guess there ain’t much sympathy for you out there, and rightfully so.
  3. Jerry Jones (53% dislike)…Although I like that Jerry genuinely cares about his BOYS, he is just flat-out annoying. Jerry, hire some coach with discipline because unlike some teams in the NFL your team needs a coach that has discipline written all over him. Then you should go hang in your box seat with a martini, watch the game, maybe get a massage at halftime (with a happy ending of course :)), and watch your Cowboys blow it in the final 2 minutes of the game because it is inevitable, so at least enjoy it.
  4. Tiger Woods (52% dislike)…I actually like Tiger more now than I did before his whole “balls to the wall” campaign. But it is the opposite with America, especially since Tiger is playing as good as John Daly the past two years. Tiger I think you need to get back out on the market player, and get some women back in your life because “YOU ARE SINGLE AGAIN” (Austin Power’s voice). Tiger is clearly sexually frustrated and that is effecting his game on and off the “playing field.” Tiger call up Big Ben after the Superbowl, I am sure there are some college bars with pretty big bathroom areas that you two can have a “blast” in.
  5. Manny Ramirez (50% dislike)…Come On America. Manny is the Man. But apparently his lazy, I don’t give a shit attitude does not sit well with some Americans. The only thing that got me to dislike Manny was when he was taking fertility pills, I mean C’MON MANNN…but it was pretty sweet how he fell asleep in the Green Monster and wouldn’t run full speed to first while with Boston.
  6. Terrell Owens (47% dislike)…According to E Poll individuals either love or hate TO. Understandable. I just hope he doesn’t get another VH1 reality TV show because not only did the TO Show BLOW but TO has no game with the ladies. Nothing like the man himself FLAVORRRR FLAVVVVVV! TO you need to honestly GO from my life and probably most Americans.
  7. Albert Haynesworth (46% dislike)…No surprise here. When you are the Highest Paid Defensive Player in the league and refuse to participate in offseason drills, conditioning, and practice because you do not want to play noseguard in a 3-4; you truly are a jerkoff. Albert would have been higher on the list if (A) more people knew who Albert Haynesworth was and (B) if more Washington Redskins were included in the survey.
  8. Mark McGwire (43% dislike)…I plead the 5th.
  9. Bob Knight (43% dislike)…WHATTT? Bob Knight is not only my DUDE but he has also made the media side of college basketball that much more entertaining. I mean who else throws chairs on the court, curses off reporters and calls out and scares his own players.
  10. Randy Moss (41% dislike)…After being dropped from two organizations (Patriots and Vikings) where your play was superb it may indicate that you (Randy) may have lost it upstairs. America seems to agree.

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Is LeBron scared of the Dunk Contest?

The NBA dunk contest used to be an event where the best ‘dunkers’ in the NBA would have fun, put on a show, and show off their skills.  Isn’t LeBron James one of the best dunkers in the NBA?  Why has he never joined the dunk contest?

Maybe he thinks their is no good competition?  or Maybe he’s too scared of losing?  No one knows the answer.  But everyone knows that him and Nike are extra careful of branding his image, even though they fugged that up the last two years.  After LeBron was dunked on by Jordan Crawford at a summer basketball camp, members of Nike seized cell phones and camera footage of the dunk.

In the end it only made it look worse for LeBronThe dunk itself was not directly over LeBron and it’s a game LeBrons not god he can’t block everything.  It was eventually going to leak why not just let it out instead of trying to cover it up.  So as LeBron and Nike made the wrong decisions as they always do, his image continues to go downhill.

“What Should I Do?”

Join the dunk contest you dumbass.  You should have when you were younger but why not now.  Why not after your image went downhill.  What better to make fans watch and love you again.  Sure winning a championship might earn you some respect but your expected to.  LeBron will have to win more than one championship to be loved by fans again.

LeBron could say he just wants to win and does not mind if hes compared to Kobe or MJ when his career is over. #bullshit.  Any competitor in any sport wants to be considered the best.  And if Nike wants to make him similar to Black Mamba & His Airness why not have him join the contest.  Scared he’ll lose?  Who cares, Kobe Bryant lost to Vince Carter and it hasn’t affected his image.  As far as Jordan the jumpman logo that LeBron wears on his shoes was born in the dunk contest when Jordan took off from the free throw line.

As far as I see it the dunk contest could only help LeBrons image.  Unless he’s that unoriginal and uncreative or is just flat out scared of Blake Griffin.

Every player that was considered to be a great dunker has joined the contest.  Every star in the NBA today has taken part in the contest (except for teammate D Wade, but his best dunks are in traffic. Might not look as amazing on an open floor.)

Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, Amare Stoudemire, Josh Smith, Rudy Gay, J.R. Smith, Vince Carter and Tracy Mcgrady.  These are considered to be the best dunkers in the NBA (the last 2 are old now but were).  LeBron grow a sack and do what you love to do.

…it’s at the end of every add you have “just do it” foo.

What seemed to be a cool commercial at the time now  seems as if it’s another one of LeBron & Nikes ways to get around questionable decisions & negative publicity.  P.S. That jam is winning nooo contest.  Check out the best ever.



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Famous Free Sports Streaming Website SEIZED by HOMELAND SECURITY! WHAT?

Great Job Homeland Security, I heard theres some kind of war or group of terrorist your supposed to be looking for.

The famous free sports/live TV website ATDHE.NET has been shutdown and seized by US Homeland Security.

I for one used to use the site whether I was at work, or trying to follow my fantasy football team during the season instead of paying my life savings for Dish-Network and the NFL Sunday Ticket. Good to see that the Government is more occupied with shutting down a website that most college students used to follow their TV Shows or Favorite Sports team, then trying to save them money in student loads. Great priorities!

I posted the news on my twitter account, and with-in the first 5 minutes I’ve had 10+ replies expressing their frustrations, as most of them ARE College Students and or people under the age of 30, who financially can’t afford the very expensive packages (NBA League Pass, NFL Sunday Ticket, etc)

This sucks, oh well, off to find the next underground streaming website. Stupid Government!

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Tracy Morgan’s “Masturbation Material”

We here at FloppingOut LOVE Tracy Morgan, he tells it like it is and his stupid humor is awesome. His recent quote on “Inside the NBA” of TNT before the Knicks and Heat game took my love for Tracy Morgan to a whole ‘nother level.

Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley were covering the game for TNT and Morgan is a huge Knicks fan, so while MSG who better to ask the famous question (or argument) that Kenny “the Jet” and Sir Charles have, who is hotter Tina Fey or Sarah Palin?

As you may or may not know Tracy Morgan and Tiny Fey both star on NBC’s hit show “30 Rock” I’m guessing that is where the basis of Barkley and Smith’s reasoning came from for asking Morgan the question.

Anyway let’s get down to business. The question was brought upon Morgan “Tina Fey or Sarah Palin?” Morgan then replied with an AMAZING quote.

“Now let me tell you something about Sarah Palin man, she’s good masturbation material. The glasses and all that? Great masturbation material.”

AMAZING! how can you NOT love Morgan. On live television that quote is absolute gold. Of course the networks and suits weren’t happy about it, so in a typical ass saving matter TNT sent out an apology to the former Alaskan governor.

“It’s unfortunate Mr. Morgan showed a lack of judgment on our air with his inappropriate comments,” said Turner spokesman Jeff Pomeroy in a statement.

The best reaction of all had to be the third wheel in the TNT broadcast Ernie Johnson, or the crypt keeper if you will. In trying to make the situation a little less awkward, Johnson did his best to make it every bit and more with his remarks out of pure nervousness, if that’s a word. ” Want to thank Tracy Morgan for stopping by.”

I love stupid interviews and quotes from celebrities/athletes like this.

See the video here for yourselves.

You’re the man Tracy Morgan!

Now we ask you in all seriousness who would you rather, Tina Fey or Sarah Palin?

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Shawne Williams vs Marvin Williams Fight, WEAK.

I went to a Basketball game and a fight broke out or I went to a fight and a Basketball game broke out. Either way that was weak, New York Knicks Forward Shawne Williams and Atlanta Hawks Forward Marvin Williams (No relation) went at it after what seemed to be a shove in the back of the neck by Marvin. Shawne and Marvin then seemed to do their best Kissin cousin act here  (Williams I heard you good with those soft lips, yea you know word of mouth)

Which ever way you look at it, it really wasn’t as big of a deal as it seemed since no real punches were thrown. We’ll see how Mr.David Stern sees it.

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Prince Vince Misses at the Buzzer

Vince Carter has DONE IT….NO he hasn’t finally mentioned the word win in a press conference, but he has scored 20,000 points in his career, becoming the 37th player in NBA history to accomplish such a feat. Now out of those 37 players only 10 are not in the Hall of Fame, and if Vince keeps playing for at least another 3 years, which is more than likely, he will surpass career point totals of NBA greats Charles Barkley, Elgin Baylor and Larry Bird. So it seems quite fitting for Vince to be a Hall of Famer.

But Vince had to be somewhere 6 hours before the game

Vince was "Half Man Half Amazing" until he Graduated College

Now if there were a dunking Hall of Fame, Prince Vince would be number one on my list. Check out his dunks, “HALF MAN HALF AMAZING” as he was known for so many years. But when it comes to being an overall basketball player Vince was and still is ALL MAN with not much, if anything AMAZING at all about his overall game. Throughout his career, Vince was a great scorer, great at changing the momentum of any game, and even had flashes of playing great defense. However when it came down to his overall work as a player and competitor Prince Vince falls 2.0 seconds short.

During the 2000-01 NBA season the Raptors were playing great, as was Carter. That season Vince was on a tear averaging a career high 27.6 points per game, voted as a starter during the 2001 All Star Game, and even earned All NBA Second Team honors. That year the Raptors won a record 47 games, and were primed for a playoff run. In the first round of the playoffs the Raptors beat the Knicks 3-2 in a tough, hard nose series. They then advanced to play AI and the 76ers (or rather just AI) in the Eastern Conference Semifinals. If you don’t recall, this series was back and forth, and quite electric. However, electricity dimmed a bit at the Air Canada Centre on the morning of May 20th, 2001. That was the morning of Game 7 and ALL the hype was on AI and Vince. And what does Vince do to hype himself up for a Game 7, GRADUATE COLLEGE.

That morning Vince decided to miss pregame morning practice to take a plane and attend his University Graduation at North Carolina at Chapel Hill . HE DID THIS 6 HOURS BEFORE THE GAME AND TOOK A PLANE BACK. Now being a former athlete myself I would never do anything to take my mind of a pivotal Game 7, barring a family issue. I mean I might go out somewhere to eat, or even watch a weird movie (NO HOMO) etc…BUT fly to North Carolina to celebrate a college graduation. I mean you can get your diploma in the mail, do you have to be there? You were SO RIGHT VINCE.

Who knew that that night with 2 seconds left, down 1, Toronto would have the ball looking to get the ball to one of the leagues best scorer (if not the best scorer that year). AND what would occur next is indicative of Vince’s career and potential as a Hall of Famer. Check out the clip below.


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Knickerbockers can’t miss against the Spurs. Wait a sec…

Last night the New York Knickerbockers scored 128 points against the #1 SPURS, beating them 128-115. Wait let me repeat that again. The same team that had the lowest winning percentage in the last decade (yes even lower than the clippers), scored more points against the Spurs during the Tim Duncan Era than any team ever. Wilson Chandler had a season high 31 points, shooting a remarkable 13 of 19, while Stoudemire added 28, shooting 11 of 17, and Felton added his own 28 points shooting 10 of 17.

Knicks are flying high at 20-14, sitting second in the Atlantic Conference behind Boston

This may have been one of the more entertaining games the NBA has seen this season as both teams shot over 53%, in addition to setting a season record for most points scored in a half.

For the Spurs Parker played extremely well, dropping buckets with such ease that it is mystery how Tony makes it look so easy sometimes. Tony had 26 points while Blair added 17, Ginobili 15, and Duncan 14. The most glaring statistic of all, however, was that the Spurs turned the ball over 16 times to the Knicks 6. This was not the typical Gregg Popovich showing, especially with what occurred with 3:13 left in the game.

With the Spurs down 11 and 3:13 left Pop decided to pull all his starters, except Parker which on the next possession would commit an intentional foul in order to sit. It was one of the weirder things I have seen in the NBA this season. I mean with 3:13 left with the second highest scoring team in the NBA one would figure that you would have a chance to recuperate 11 points, especially against a D’Antoni runned Knicks team that gives up the 3rd most points per game in the NBA. However Pop had seen enough, and his frustration showed after the game when he claimed that the Knicks wanted it more than his team and were much more aggressive.

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