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Mickey Mantle Responds to Yankees VP Back in 1973

The Mick, Mickey Mantle (right) would like to tell you about his FAVORITE Yankee Stadium experience.

The year was 1973, and the New York Yankees Vice President at the time Bob Fishel was gathering thoughts from former Yankee Greats on their favorite experiences from the Old Stadium.

You may or may not know the 1973 season was to be the last season played at the ORIGINAL Old Yankee Stadium. In ’74 they did renovations to the ballpark and the Yankees didn’t return until the newly renovated building opened for the 1976 season. If you care they played those two seasons at the Mets ballpark, Shea Stadium.

So Fisher sent out a letter to many Yankees, but the one he sent to Mickey Mantle will live in infamy. The response Fishel got from “The Mick” was PRICELESS.

Take a look at the ORIGINAL Letter sent by Fishel and the Yankees dated December 1972.

A Letter from Yankees VP Bob Fishel in 1972

If you can’t read the writing, this is what it said:

New York Yankees Inc.

Dear Mickey,

As you probably know, 1973 marks the 50th anniversary of Yankees Stadium and we are going to have a season-long Golden Anniversary celebration. We hope to mark the occasion on our Old Timers Day, Saturday, August 11, as well as on individual dates during the season.

We thought it would be interesting to learn from you what you consider your outstanding event at Yankee Stadium. In many cases the answer is obvious, but because we are writing a large number of your former team mates, we are asking you to answer this question for us.

1973 will be the final season at Yankee Stadium as we know it. We will be located at Shea in 1974 and ’75 while Yankee Stadium is completely rebuilt to reopen in 1976.

Thanks for your cooperation. We are looking forward to seeing you in 1973 and wish you a happy holiday season.

Very truly yours,

(Signed, ‘Bob Fishel’)

December 14, 1972/m

Now this is the famous quote from Mickey Mantle HIMSELF.

Mickey Mantle's HILARIOUS response to Fishel's letter

Again, here is what it said.
I consider the following my outstanding experience at Yankee Stadium: 

— I got a blow-job under the right field Bleachers, by the Yankee Bull pen.

This event occurred on or about: (Give as much detail as you can)

— It was about the third or fourth inning. I had a pulled groin and couldn’t fuck at the time. She was a very nice girl and asked me what to do with the cum after I came in her mouth. I said don’t ask me, I’m no cock-sucker.

Signed: Mickey Mantle, The All-American Boy

How Awesome is that, I think I may have found my new favorite “Old Timer” Do Work Mick.

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Tracy Morgan’s “Masturbation Material”

We here at FloppingOut LOVE Tracy Morgan, he tells it like it is and his stupid humor is awesome. His recent quote on “Inside the NBA” of TNT before the Knicks and Heat game took my love for Tracy Morgan to a whole ‘nother level.

Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley were covering the game for TNT and Morgan is a huge Knicks fan, so while MSG who better to ask the famous question (or argument) that Kenny “the Jet” and Sir Charles have, who is hotter Tina Fey or Sarah Palin?

As you may or may not know Tracy Morgan and Tiny Fey both star on NBC’s hit show “30 Rock” I’m guessing that is where the basis of Barkley and Smith’s reasoning came from for asking Morgan the question.

Anyway let’s get down to business. The question was brought upon Morgan “Tina Fey or Sarah Palin?” Morgan then replied with an AMAZING quote.

“Now let me tell you something about Sarah Palin man, she’s good masturbation material. The glasses and all that? Great masturbation material.”

AMAZING! how can you NOT love Morgan. On live television that quote is absolute gold. Of course the networks and suits weren’t happy about it, so in a typical ass saving matter TNT sent out an apology to the former Alaskan governor.

“It’s unfortunate Mr. Morgan showed a lack of judgment on our air with his inappropriate comments,” said Turner spokesman Jeff Pomeroy in a statement.

The best reaction of all had to be the third wheel in the TNT broadcast Ernie Johnson, or the crypt keeper if you will. In trying to make the situation a little less awkward, Johnson did his best to make it every bit and more with his remarks out of pure nervousness, if that’s a word. ” Want to thank Tracy Morgan for stopping by.”

I love stupid interviews and quotes from celebrities/athletes like this.

See the video here for yourselves.

You’re the man Tracy Morgan!

Now we ask you in all seriousness who would you rather, Tina Fey or Sarah Palin?

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