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Cincinnati Bengals Fan auctioning off his allegiance on EBAY

Now I’ve seen some crazy ass shit in my life, and I’ve seen some crazy stuff being auctioned off on EBAY, but this one is interesting to me. A 28-year-old Cincinnati Bengals fan is selling allegiances on eBay. 12 crazy ass people have placed bids on the idiots auction, maybe I shouldn’t call him an idiot because the guy is about to be  600+ richer, actually he’s a damn genius. The real idiots are the one’s BIDDING on him. The guy says he’ll give his new team 16 Weeks of everything he has, even saying his Facebook picture will be of the new team for the entire 2011 NFL Season.

If you don’t believe me, see for yourself.

Good luck Dog, and to the guy who has to pay him over 600$ …… have fun.


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