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NFL Commissioner returns fans call….and?

Damn, whats a few billion between friends?

Just within the past few minutes I was forwarded this article about some Denver Broncos fan that decided to email the Commissioner of the NFL Roger Goodell, and discuss his frustrations with him and the NFL as a whole. It also discussed the NFLPA’s and Owners looming lockout or work stoppage this coming March. In layman’s terms for you idiots out there, that means if these rich jerks can’t come to an agreement with these other rich jerks, losers like us wont get to watch football, bet, play fantasy football (damnnnn), and all that other good stuff this coming September.

That brings me to my next point, I’m not sure whether this article was written poorly or if the phone call from the Commish (who I for one am NOT a fan of, mostly for my own messed up reasons) was just doing this to save face a bit…..I’ll go with the latter. Anyway (I’ll post the article at the end of my spiel here so you can see for yourself) in the article it says Goodell called the fan and told him basically were trying our best, and we care about the fans, and we want to come to a fair agreement and all that. WHATEVER, basically what I’m trying to say is how can a MULTI BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY like the NFL, and these BILLIONAIRE owners threaten the best Professional American sport. Look at the MLB, it has never been the same since their lockout in 1994. Stop being so damn cheap, stop trying to save face Roger Goodell and get this done. Because if you cancel or even delay ANY part of this upcoming season, you will be the most hated man in NFL History. NO ONE will remember the owners, the NFLPA, the players. They will remember you.

Thanks for listening, here’s the shitty article.

NFL Commissioner returns fans call.



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Chad Ocho-NoNo

Yeah, just read on. You'll understand.

Chad, Chad, Chad ….. GIVE IT A REST ALREADY, no one cares bro. If your unsure of what or who I’m talking about, It’s the Cincinnati Bengals WR Chad Johnson a.k.a Chad OchoCinco a.k.a Estaban 85 a.k.a Chad Hachi Go. “CHILD PLEASE” you sound like my 4-year-old cousin who puts ice cream all over her face and screams for attention. You’re a nice player who is getting up their in age and production in the field is on a free fall, STOP!

Wether Chad is on twitter begging for attention or designing mac trucks in Cincinnati, you will sure hear from him…he’s like that annoying frigging rash that wont go away. I mean even after he expressed numerous time his desire to leave Cincy and go play for Bill Belichick, his head coach couldn’t even deny how terrible he is .

As of yesterday Chad and his little partner in crime, Terrell Owens expressed their desire to play for Rex Ryan and the Jets. That’s funny, Rex and the Jets have their fair share of outcasts but these outcasts can play and win, you two….Not so much.

As inevitable as the sun rising, today started with another great story from Mr.OchocinoJohnsonEstaban…whatever, now Chad says he will change his name AGAIN. This time he’s changing it back to Johnson, which i give him credit. Its about time he tries to get serious and tries to restart his career again. Here is a few quotes from Chad from NFL LIVE this afternoon on ESPN.

” Ochocinco, appearing on ESPN’s “NFL Live” on Tuesday, called the name change fun, but said it’s time for a change.

“I don’t have a choice right now,” Ochocinco told ESPN’s Trey Wingo. “I’ve done enough with the Ocho thing.”

Lets hope Chad is serious and he can finally shut up and try to play some football. Lord knows the pitiful Bengals franchise needs something!

Final note: I’m all for the NFL stars having fun and using TWITTER, but enough is enough with this guy. Stop crying out for attention.

If your interested in seeing the daily freak show/attention seeker on twitter, here is his link. ENJOY!

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Cincinnati Bengals Fan auctioning off his allegiance on EBAY

Now I’ve seen some crazy ass shit in my life, and I’ve seen some crazy stuff being auctioned off on EBAY, but this one is interesting to me. A 28-year-old Cincinnati Bengals fan is selling allegiances on eBay. 12 crazy ass people have placed bids on the idiots auction, maybe I shouldn’t call him an idiot because the guy is about to be  600+ richer, actually he’s a damn genius. The real idiots are the one’s BIDDING on him. The guy says he’ll give his new team 16 Weeks of everything he has, even saying his Facebook picture will be of the new team for the entire 2011 NFL Season.

If you don’t believe me, see for yourself.

Good luck Dog, and to the guy who has to pay him over 600$ …… have fun.

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