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Top 10 Super Bowl Fails

Will anyone top these FAILS tomorrow? .....We can only Hope!

We’re just under 24 hours away from the big game, and what better way to get you ready then to give you the OFFICIAL FLOPPINGOUT “Top 10 Super Bowl Fails.”

Lets Get It…

#10 – “The Super Bowl Shuffle”  The infamous 1985 Bears were one of the best teams in history, from a furious defense to their Hall of Fame RB “Sweetness” Walter Payton. Not only is this video a fail of the man law, it shows that the Bears’ Swag on the Field didn’t transfer to the their swag on the Dance Floor. Not to mention it’s also a fail that this once dominant team only managed to win ONE Super Bowl.

#9- “Rich Gannon’s performance in Super Bowl XXXVII”  The MVP of that season had statistically one of the WORST Super Bowl’s ever. Gannon Throw 5 Interceptions, 3 of which were returned for Touchdowns. Wow, Spotting the other squad 21 points is a great plan for winning the Super Bowl. The Raiders would lose that game 48-21 to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Rich Gannon was abused by the Tampa Defense like a little schoolboy at Neverland Ranch.

#8- “Tim Tebow’s Abortion Commercial” Timmy may never make the Super Bowl as a QB, but he managed to squeak his way into last years with his “God’s Best Christian Complex” commercial. Now with all the money “Timmy” is bringing Momma, you can bet your ass Momma’s happy she didn’t get her abort on. Question: shouldn’t Urban Meyer be in this video?

#7- “Janet Jackson’s Titty FlashSuper Bowl XXXVIII(2004) was noted for a controversial halftime show in which Janet Jackson’s Titty was exposed by Justin Timberlake for about half a second, in what was later referred to as a “wardrobe malfunction”. Yea Ok, I say Janet just wanted to show off her new Boob Job, either way nice Rack Janet.

Damn Janet, Lets Get It!

#6- “Kevin Dyson, 1 Yard short” The infamous play happened in a Super Bowl XXXIV, played between the St. Louis Rams and the Tennessee Titans in 2000. It resulted in Titans WR Kevin Dyson being tackled by Rams LB Mike Jones at the one-yard line, preserving a 23–16 Rams win. C’mon Kev, can’t man up for ONE MORE YARD.

Kevin Dyson just COULDN'T Sack up for one more yard.

#5- “Eugene Robinson UnderCover Hooker” The night before Super Bowl XXXIII between the Falcons and Broncos, Falcons DB Eugene Robinson was arrested for offering a hooker $40 for a “Mickey Mantle Blowie.” That hooker actually turned out to be an undercover cop. Eugene was arrested blueballs and all. Unfortunately for the Falcons, Eugene was allowed to play the next day. That Super Bowl was one to forget when Eugene allowed a 80-yard TD to Broncos WR Rod Smith, and missed a big tackle on a long Terrell Davis run.

Eugene Robinson did what any man would do the night before the Super Bowl... try to get a blowie.

#4- “Donovan McNauseous” D-Nabb finally got over the NFC Championship hump, and faced the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XXIX. The game was as tight as Lawrence Taylor’s last trick. On the final drive down 24-21 with no time-outs, the heat got to McNabb. As reported by the Philadelphia Inquirer McNabb was throwing up on the sidelines in between plays. Oh Boy.

Looks like the Super Bowl wasn't the first time DNabb blew it during a game.

#3- “Leon Lett Showboating into a Fumble” In Super Bowl XXVII late in the 4th quarter, Lett recovered a fumble on Buffalo’s 45-yard line and ran it back towards the end zone. When he reached the 10-yard line, Lett’s floppy ass started showboating and stretched the ball outward. Little did Floppy Lett know, Bills WR Don Beebe was right behind him. Beebe knocked the ball out of Lett’s floppy hand as it just crossed the goal line, which sent the ball through the end zone, resulting in a touchback. This play would be #1 had the Bills actually won the game, but IT IS THE BILLS after all.

#2- “The Buffalo Bills” Normally we like to select a single event, or player but in the Bills case losing 4 frigging straight Super Bowls is damn near impossible. Theres not much more to say about the feat. Whether it was Thurman Thomas’ fumbles, or the famous Scott Norwood “No good! Wide right!”(Al Michaels voice). The Bills 4 game streak will NEVER be topped, and we hope it NEVER does cause it is too damn funny.

Scotty WIDE RIGHT. 4 Losses is better than 3 anyways.

#1- Drum-role please……. “Raiders C Barrett Robbins DISAPPEARS”  It was Super Bowl XXXVII and the Oakland Raiders were set to face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The stage was set for a great game, a major storyline and all that comes with the Big Game but the only thing missing was RAIDERS CENTER BARRETT ROBBINS. Barrett was missing for two days, the team was unable to get in touch with him, and teammates feared the worst. Robbins eventually admitted he left Sand Diego without his phone, or wallet to go party in Tijuana. When he resurfaced the night before the game he was so incoherent that coach Bill Callahan had no choice but to leave him off the roster. Robbins was quoted saying: “I was in a very bad state of mind at that point,” Robbins said. “In my mind we had already won the Super Bowl and we were already celebrating.” Wow Barrett you are CRAZY, and next time you are trying to party in Tijuana, Hit Us Up.

This picture sums up Barrett's bipolar disorder. Tijuana here we come!

Well there you have it, that’s our list. As you can tell some crazy stuff goes down during, and prior to the Super Bowl. Here’s to Big Ben Roethlisberger staying out of Downtown Dallas Bar Bathrooms tonight!

Enjoy your “Super Sunday” you Floppy bastards, don’t eat and drink too much leave that to FloppingOut.



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3 Fights in 4 Seconds a new NHL Record…LETS GET ITTT

Believe it or not on Thursday night a hockey game was played between the Boston Bruins (52-30) and Dallas Stars (52-30) at the TD Garden arena. However, if you were watching the game or  actually at the game you might be confused at the onset as to what sport was actually being played. It seemed like Vince McMahon may have been behind this game all along as within the first 4 seconds of regulation 3 fights occurred.

It started immediately after faceoff when Gregory Campbell of Boston threw down with Dallas’ Steve Ott. After a second faceoff, about a half second later Boston’s Shawn Thornton showed off his Ali muscles against Kyle Barch of Dallas.

Now at this point one would think a hockey game was to be played…BUT after all this is HOCKEY and fighting is actually part of the Hockey spectacle.

SOOO two seconds after yet another faceoff, a third fight ensued between Boston’s Adam McQuaid and Dallas’ Brian Sutherby, where Sutherby got JACKEDD UP.

Fight Summaries

  • Fight 1: Ott wins in a close one, Campbell never wanted in on this fight.
  • Fight 2: A true classic between Thornton and Bart. This duel is a rematch from November of 08 and was well worth the popcorn. Thornton wins in the end as “he catches him with the right over the top” (announcer voice).
  • Fight 3: Adam McQuaid wins in unanimous fashion.

Gary Bettman, NHL’s Commissioner definitely has the announcers take courses in how to call a boxing match. Listen and watch for yourself Floppers

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Club Hires SWAT Agents as Security for Mike Vick’s Super Bowl Bash

Leave your gat at home, aint no one is shootin anyone up in here.

Looks like a Dallas Club Owner isn’t technically buying into Mike Vick’s recent Crystal Clear image. The Philidelphia Eagles QB is hosting a big Super Bowl Bash this Friday Night at a Club in Dallas Texas, this time it looks like the Club wont take any chances. Owner Jeff Skaggs says he has hired at least 3 Agents from the SWAT team to make sure nothing goes down, Unlike the Last time Vick hosted a big party like this, someone got shot up.

Vick claimed in 2010 that he had nothing to do with the shooting that took place at his 30th Birthday party at a West Virginia NightClub. No charges were filed against Vick, and the story seemed to disappear.

In fact, Jeff Skaggs, the owner and GM of the Club tells us there will be multiple security measures in place Friday night, including:

Mike Vick‘s own private security team, the NFL is also including It’s own Security.
— The club is bringing in extra members of their own security staff
—  And Guests will be searched and wanded on the way in

Vick and Skaggs say they are not worried at all with the heightened security at the party. Damn, there better not be, seems like a shit load of money will be dished out.

Vick is a changed man, isn’t he?

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Chicago Cubs and Wrigley Field Start Their Collapse Early

Here is a picture of the damages to Wrigley, can't really see it too well but use your imagination.

Wrigley Field, home to the “Lovable Losers” no not the New York Mets, we’re talking about the REAL lovable losers the Chicago Cubs. Today the Cubs had parts of its roof blown off and damaged last night. No, the stadium wasn’t rocking because the Cubs had finally ended their 102 year winless drought, relax Cubbie Fans it was because of the Blizzard that ripped through the Chicago area.

Chicago was blasted by part of the big storm that has caused havoc on most of the country, but Chicago was one of the harder hit areas. Wind gust up to 60 MPH and snow drifts about 6-8 FEET high. The wind and heavy snow led to damages to panels above the press boxes at the 98-year-old stadium, that opened up in 1914. Of course there has been upgrades and major renovations since, but none good enough to withstand the powerful storm.

Here you can see street views of Wrigley Field, pretty cool.

Thankfully, no one was reported to be injured from the roof panel collapsing, or if you asked long-suffering Cubs fan, unfortunately they weren’t. Kidding of course. Gotta love the Cubbie Fans!

Wrigley is said to be fine structurally and will be good to go as the Cubs open up their season on April 1st. Here’s to the chase for 103.

*No word as of yet if the Minnesota Vikings are expected to use Wrigley Field to play their home-games in 2011.*


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Oh My! Peter King Proposes to Tom Brady!

Oh My!

I mean I knew Peter always had a thing for Tom, just read his EVER so famous “Monday Morning Quarterback” on and you’d think he’d want to  film Mr.Brady in a soft-core porn film, but I never knew he LOVED him THIS MUCH.

Just listen closely to the questions Peter is asking Tom at his Press Conference.

Now that is NEVER BEFORE SEEN FOOTAGE, only here on FloppingOut are we that exclusive that we’d be able to get our hands on a piece of treasure like this. Handle with care!

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Jets Strength Coach Sal Alosi “Resigns”

Sal Alosi took the fall for the Jets, after this trip.

The New York Jets Strength and Conditioning coach Sal Alosi, the guy who was in the middle of theTripGateincident this past December “Resigned” today a teams spokesman said.

Alosi was suspended indefinitely after he tripped Miami Dolphins Special Teams gunner Norman Carroll on the Jets sideline as he was running down the field after a punt. The following day Alosi was suspended  without pay and fined $ 50,000.

The Jets said Alosi admitted to the team that he told the inactive players to form a wall on the sideline during punts.

Today, Alosi took the ultimate fall by resigning, if you want to call it that. The conspiracist in me thinks Alosi ultimately took the blame for the whole situation so that it didn’t become a league wide investigation and something tells me Sal made out on this deal pretty well, I’m $ure the Jet$ took very good care of $al with a nice $everance.

Jets General Manager Mike Tannenbaum said in a statement that it was Alosi’s decision

“After speaking with Sal, he decided that it is best for him to tender his resignation at this time,” Tannenbaum said. “We appreciate all of Sal’s contributions during his tenure with the team. He played an invaluable role in our success and established what we feel is one of the better strength and conditioning programs in the NFL.

Believe Mike if you want, or you can think for yourself, it’s your call you floppy bastahds!

Check out the video from the Jets Dolphins game back in December, in case you’ve been living under a rock since then.

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Garnett doing the Dirty

I guess the All Star Game couldn’t come soon enough, as over the past couple days tempers have been flaring in the NBA. In regards to Garnett’s “defense” on Channing Frye last night: I have seen some pretty absurd things in my life in order to affect one’s shot, but what Garnett did is Awesome and HILARIOUSSSSSSS (Frank Caliendo, Jim Rome Voice…watch the video…HILARIOUSSS).

Check it out….

The funniest part is when Marc Jackson says, “Those are the type of plays where guys could get hurt”….HAHA I didn’t know a ball tap could result in serious injury. I mean I do know of some people who have lost a NUT but I don’t think that Garnett’s Tap would result in anyone losing a Testi. I mean I know this guy Ronnie (a.k.a. Ronnie One) who got hit with a Lacrosse ball and welll….the rest(well his ball) is history.

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Boy at Sun’s Game Dunks Himself through Hoop

Steve Nash should try this out during a game…Maybe it would motivate the Suns a little bit.

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Everything is bigger in Texas besides Basketball Scores

Paino (Texas) West High got blown out in their last performance against the No. 12 ranked team in the country, Flower Mound (Texas) Marcus High. So in their next game to stay more competitive Paino West High HELD THE BALL FOR AN AVERAGE OF MORE THAN A MINUTE. Are you kidding me coach Anthony Morgan, what are we in the 1930s. Come on MANNN.

Yahoo reports that the West coach was quoted, “it’d be nice to trade punches…but we did that at our last place…Let’s just limit possessions and be very deliberate and patient on offense and work it into our bigs.” Haha, I mean there is a difference between having patience, making sure you take a good shot and holding the damn ball for over a minute. I mean it somewhat worked in that the game went to 3 overtimes, but in the end the No. 12 ranked team, Marcus High WON 38-31. Way to look like an idiot Morgan. You should be banned from coaching basketball. My only question is since when are people in Texas so against shooting. I guess we may actually need Bush back as president because apparently things aren’t bigger in Texas anymore.

George stop showing of your bird and Go Save Texas!

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Is Brian Cashman Losing It?

It's been a tough year for Brian Cashman, will it be his last?

It’s been a rough last few months for the New York Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman. First it was his teams early exit from the postseason at the hands of Cliff Lee and the Texas Rangers. But that’s okay the Yankees and majority of the MLB figured Lee, the most sought out Starting Pitching Free Agent in the past few years was just going to sign WITH the Yankees this past December. Well to quote the great Borat, one of my favorite movies “NOT SO MUCH” Lee left the Yankees in the dust and signed a five-year contract worth $120 million and a vesting option worth $27.5 million for the 2016 season could bring the maximum value of the deal to $135 million over six years with the Philadelphia Phillies. Shocking in many ways because the Yankees had offered Lee his choice of a six-year, $138 million deal or a seven-year, $148 million contract, including a player option.

That’s Ok Cashman is a big boy, he’s the GM of one of the richest franchises in sports he can bounce back right?  Sure let’s take a look at the remaining Starting Pitchers…. Carl Pavano hmm can’t do that again, maybe Matt Garza from the Rays, NO Tampa would never trade him in the division. Cant bring Javy Vasquez back, looks like the Yankees are in a bit of a pickle.

Two weeks ago news breaks that the Yankees have signed RP Rafael Soriano to a 3-year 35 Million dollar deal to SET UP the great Mariano Rivera, shocking to say the least. Brian Cashman then says “I didn’t recommend [the deal],” it was the organization’s decision and he thought it was too much money to give to a middle reliever. Hmm interesting, Cash went on to say he was left out of the negotiations and Yankees president Randy Levine was the one who headed up the contract with Soriano’s agent Scott Boras.

Whatever no big deal, he lost out on the top-tier SP, now there is no one left on the market, and the Yankees over payed for a relief pitcher. So what? Whats that Andy Pettite guy doing? Today Brian Cashman reiterated almost out of desperation that the door has been left open for a return if the 38-year-old lefty wants to give it another shot after all but retiring this offseason. In fact Cashman said a 12 million dollar deal is still out there on the table if he wants to give it a go this year. Wow!

Brian Cashman, who is in his final year of a 3 year contract that pays him a little more then 2 million dollars a year, was  speaking at a breakfast Q&A session sponsored by WFAN, Cashman got into the topic of a possible position change for El Capitan, SS Derek Jeter. Cashman said he didn’t want Jeter making the switch from SS to 3B if he were to DH current 3B Alex Rodriguez. He then went on to say he likes his corner OF’s to be young and have a lot of power, so if a position change were in the future for Jeter, it would HAVE to be a “Robin Yount situation” as you may or may not be familiar with Robin Yount, he spent his first 10 full seasons in the MLB as a SS. He moved to CF  in the 1985 season. He went on to win an AL MVP while playing out the remainder of his 20-year career as a center fielder and designated hitter. No harm right? Welllll he was heard this morning saying he was obviously speaking hypothetically and said it was “baseball conversation, not a declaration, not an announcement, nothing of that nature.” Relax Brian who are you trying to convince here?

NOW the final screw has come popping out, Cashman has lost it. Today the New York Yankees have signed SP….. BARTOLO COLON to a 1 year MINOR LEAGUE deal, and invited him to Spring Training. Colon could make up to $900,000 if he makes the big league club. Colon, 37, didn’t pitch in the majors last season. He last appeared in the majors in 12 games for the White Sox in ’09, going 3-6 with a 4.19 ERA. Colon hasn’t made more than 20 starts in a season since ’05, when he won the Cy Young Award with the then Anaheim Angels. He went 21-8 with a 3.48 ERA that season.  I know I know big deal, it’s a MINOR LEAGUE contract they didn’t exactly give him Carl Pavano, Kei Igawa, Kevin Brown money, but still this is the YANKEES were talking about, a far cry from CC Sabathia, Mark Teixeira and Curtis Granderson last offseason, YIKES.

Jeez Bartolo, looks like your giving Sabathia a run for his money on the biggest jersey award.

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