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Raiders NEW Head Coach Backs Old Uncle Al Davis

Match made in Heaven, aren't these two adorable. Suits the Black-Hole VERY well.

Breath easy Raider Nation, Al Davis is in it for the Long run (Sorta) The 81-year-old senile owner of the Oakland Raiders isn’t going anywhere soon, that is unless……you know.

The Raiders new head coach Hue Jackson had nothing but good things to say about his boss, of course.

Jackson had this to say about Uncle Al when interviewed yesterday and asked about the possibility of Al Davis not being with the organization for too much longer.

“I’ve been told today that we’re in a honeymoon phase,” Jackson said with a chuckle. “I kind of laugh about that. I’d like for it to be one heck of a marriage, because I don’t see what everybody sees. Obviously, maybe I’m a little different. Maybe I’m a little naive when it comes to things, but I don’t think so. I’ve worked for coach Davis for over a year.

“I’ve started a relationship with him based on honesty, based on what I see, You sometimes tell people what they want to hear. I’m not one of those guys. I’m not built that way. I’m going to tell you how it is and if it’s good enough, it’s good enough, and if it’s not, it’s not, and I think that’s where respect comes from.

“He tells me what he sees. I can tell him what I see and then it works together.”

That’s funny and pathetic at the same time, Hue you HONESTLY can’t be that dumb can you? Or is Al that amazing of a puppet master that he already is manipulating you to say what he wants?

Hue Jackson went on to discuss the future of the Raiders and the QB position and such on KMJ (580-AM) IN FRESNO. You can see the transcript here if you wish.

This Raiders team has some talent, 8-8 last year under former coach Tom Cable wasn’t a disaster, but what Al Davis and Co. is about to do to the team, there’s no reason to think they won’t be back in the cellar.

Oakland traded its first round pick in 2011 to the New England Patriots for Richard Seymour back in 2009, so it has no pick in this years very deep draft, not to mention Seymour is a Free Agent in March (that is if there is a CBA in place) Oakland also terminated the contract of one of the top defensive players in the NFL, CB Nnamdi Asomugha making him an Unrestricted Free Agent.

Hue Jackson has his work cut out for him, but to be honest I think he is a great football mind and should do a great job. That is of course is Old Man Al stays out of him way.

God Speed Hue, God Speed.


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Jets Strength Coach Sal Alosi “Resigns”

Sal Alosi took the fall for the Jets, after this trip.

The New York Jets Strength and Conditioning coach Sal Alosi, the guy who was in the middle of theTripGateincident this past December “Resigned” today a teams spokesman said.

Alosi was suspended indefinitely after he tripped Miami Dolphins Special Teams gunner Norman Carroll on the Jets sideline as he was running down the field after a punt. The following day Alosi was suspended  without pay and fined $ 50,000.

The Jets said Alosi admitted to the team that he told the inactive players to form a wall on the sideline during punts.

Today, Alosi took the ultimate fall by resigning, if you want to call it that. The conspiracist in me thinks Alosi ultimately took the blame for the whole situation so that it didn’t become a league wide investigation and something tells me Sal made out on this deal pretty well, I’m $ure the Jet$ took very good care of $al with a nice $everance.

Jets General Manager Mike Tannenbaum said in a statement that it was Alosi’s decision

“After speaking with Sal, he decided that it is best for him to tender his resignation at this time,” Tannenbaum said. “We appreciate all of Sal’s contributions during his tenure with the team. He played an invaluable role in our success and established what we feel is one of the better strength and conditioning programs in the NFL.

Believe Mike if you want, or you can think for yourself, it’s your call you floppy bastahds!

Check out the video from the Jets Dolphins game back in December, in case you’ve been living under a rock since then.

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Jeff Fisher OUT as Head Coach of the Tennessee Titans

C'Mon Coach Fisher, you can't be rocking a Peyton Manning jersey!

The longest tenured NFL Head Coach is no longer employed. Yesterday the Tennessee Titans and owner Bud Adams decided to part ways with Jeff Fisher after 16 seasons. Fisher was the head coach of the Houston/Tennessee Titans for 16 years (1994-2010) and went a very respectable 142-120 over his career.

The reason for the dismissal has not yet been reported, but many say it was in the making for quite a while now. The finals straw may have been when Fisher tried to hire his son, Brandon Fisher as a part of his coaching staff. Owner Bud Adams said he didn’t want family hired on the Titans’ coaching staff and he apparently stuck by those principles this week in conversations with Fisher. I’m sure that didn’t go over well. Also his relationship with QB Vince Young was never one you’d like to see your Head Coach and Franchise QB have. Young consistently disobeyed Fisher, and Young on numerous occasions felt Fisher and himself never saw eye to eye. Their relationship never did develop which led to the Titans announcing they will not keep their former first round pick, this upcoming season.

During Fisher’s tenure with the Titans/Oilers he has had his share of up’s and downs. He had his one Super Bowl appearance against the St.Louis Rams in 1999, losing 23-16 seemingly by One Yard. Titans WR Kevin Dyson was tackled a yard short of a game winning TD by Rams LB Mike Jones (WHO, Mike JONES!) Fisher’s career always seemed to be on edge record wise, scattering a few 12 win, 13 win seasons in between 7 and 8 wins. He was often referred to as “Coach .500” or “Coacho Ocho.”

This leads me to question how he kept his job in such a league that expects so much, so early and often from Head Coaches. Fischer went 5-6 in his postseason career, with 3 Wins coming in that one Super Bowl season. His last playoff  win came in 2003 vs the Baltimore Ravens. After that season the Titans would only have 2 more winning seasons out of 7. Not exactly a great record for a guy who kept his job while coaches were being fired after a year or two of struggles.

Sure continuity is enormous when it comes to coaching in the NFL, you can’t keep going into a season with a new coach and system it just doesn’t work that way. But for a team to keep a Head Coach 16 years and have just a Super Bowl Loss to show for it, kinda shocks me.

Either way, I’m sure Fisher will land on his feet and find work in the NFL soon.

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A New Potential Cheerleader in Town


Rob, with that hair you could definitely try out for the Cowboys Cheerleading Team you sexy thanggggg...

Rob Ryan is going to………


At FloppingOut we think this is a great move for the Cowboys because although the Cowboy defense is pretty damn good the one problem with them boys is that they do not play with the consistency that is needed to compete week in and week out, especially in their tough division. Rob should not only provide them with such consistency, but sexy rob also seems to get the most out of his players. For example what happened to Jay Ratliff and Anthony Spencer last year? These two were dominant in the past and this year Flopped off big time. Rob should get both of these sleeping giants to wake up, in addition to putting them in situations to make more plays. Rob could even provide Romo with hugs, who probably still isn’t over the whole Jessica thing. Sucks Romo, really sucks. But don’t worry you could cuddle with Rob now.

Good Luck Rob Ryan and don’t ever cut your hair you sexy beast.


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BREAKING: Les Miles will STAY with LSU

Maybe the Grass ISNT as tasty on the other side.

Well, news just broke that LSU Football coach, and the recent frontrunner candidate to take over the head coaching vacancy left my Rich Rodriguez at the University of Michigan has decided to turn down the Wolverines, and return to LSU.

In a statement by AD Joe Alleva, “I am pleased to announce that Les Miles will remain the head coach at LSU, Les has led this program to many great successes on the field and his players represent LSU well off the field. We look forward to many great years of LSU football under his leadership.”

I for one am shocked, I thought he was a lock to bolt to Michigan, maybe the money wasn’t there or whatever or maybe the grass just doesn’t taste as good over there in Michigan.

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