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Eminem’s Super Bowl Commercials…Idiot

Everyone’s favorite white rapper Marshall Mathers A.K.A Eminem made his first commercial appearance during the Super Bowl yesterday, and while this doesn’t really particularly fall into the “Sports” category, I just had to share this.

Considering it did take place during the Super Bowl I felt it was appropriate to share for you Flops.

Now listen closely to the tough guy in this commercial, declaring his “Needs” for commercials, etc. At the end of the commercial Eminem says “That is why I don’t do commercials”

I’m sure all the gangster wanna-bes enjoyed this, now it gets better.

About 20 minutes later, or 2 breaks, a Chrysler commercial airs and who is it in the vehicle trying to scare your kids? ….. None other than Mr. Mathers.

Hypocrite much? ….. check it out!


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Club Hires SWAT Agents as Security for Mike Vick’s Super Bowl Bash

Leave your gat at home, aint no one is shootin anyone up in here.

Looks like a Dallas Club Owner isn’t technically buying into Mike Vick’s recent Crystal Clear image. The Philidelphia Eagles QB is hosting a big Super Bowl Bash this Friday Night at a Club in Dallas Texas, this time it looks like the Club wont take any chances. Owner Jeff Skaggs says he has hired at least 3 Agents from the SWAT team to make sure nothing goes down, Unlike the Last time Vick hosted a big party like this, someone got shot up.

Vick claimed in 2010 that he had nothing to do with the shooting that took place at his 30th Birthday party at a West Virginia NightClub. No charges were filed against Vick, and the story seemed to disappear.

In fact, Jeff Skaggs, the owner and GM of the Club tells us there will be multiple security measures in place Friday night, including:

Mike Vick‘s own private security team, the NFL is also including It’s own Security.
— The club is bringing in extra members of their own security staff
—  And Guests will be searched and wanded on the way in

Vick and Skaggs say they are not worried at all with the heightened security at the party. Damn, there better not be, seems like a shit load of money will be dished out.

Vick is a changed man, isn’t he?

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Our Celebrity Rehab Moment of the week: TONY MANDARICH, The Incredible Bubble that failed to float

I had no choice but to write this article before I went to the GYMM and got my “Randy the Ram” and Mandarich on.

Not many sports fan are aware of the remarkable story behind one of the top offensive line prospects of all time (proclaimed by the cover of Sports Illustrated in 1989), Tony Mandarich. Tony Mandarich was a standout offensive lineman at Michigan State; earning First-Team All-American, Outland Award finalist, and two-time Big Ten Lineman of the Year Honors. Known as the “Incredible Bulk”, Mandarich was the epitome of a physical specimen. At a weight of 315 lbs, Mandarich ran a 4.65 40 yard dash and bench pressed 225 lbs an astonishing 39 times. He even challenged Iron Mike Tyson to a fight, but missed his press conference to call out Iron Mike due to an excessive hangover (ain’t nothing wrong with that). Mandarich was one of the top prospects in the 89` draft, but life for Tony quickly fell apart. In an interview before Tony’s big pay day the world got a small taste of what Tony would bring to the NFL. Mandarich proclaimed

“your are not suppose to be 6’6 315, you are not suppose to be as strong as I am, you are not suppose to be a fast as I am, you are not suppose to be as good as I am”

“I am not like other players, I am Tony Mandarich, and they have to understand that. If they don’t like it, that is just the way I am and they are going to learn to like it”

Mandarich was drafted 2nd overall by the Green Bay Packers in the 1989 draft. Upon being drafted, Tony made it clear that he did not want anything to do with Green Bay. Mandarich called Green Bay a village (it is actually is a city with a population of more than 100,000) and continually looked displeased while at Green Bay.

However Mandarich had other issues that led to his depression that stemmed from his displeasure with Green Bay. Mandarich had excessively used steroids for the majority of his career at Michigan State. SHOCKERRR! He recalls being so roided up before the Ohio State Rose Bowl game that he punched a player in the chest, telling him he was going to die today. Tony cheated in order to pass about 5 NCAA administered drug tests where he specifically recalls cheating during his 4th year when the Spartans reached the Rose Bowl, and his 5th year before the Gator Bowl. Tony would strap a tube to his back and use bubblicious to cap it off. DAMNNNNNN. Nice Move TONNNS


Prior to reporting to training camp in Green Bay there was a lot of speculation in the media about Mandarich and his steroid usage. Tony then decided to stop taking steroids, and got hooked to them good ole painkillers.  Mandarich states that he “Spent four years in Green Bay never a sober day” and would take “50,60,70 painkillers a day”…STR8 WORKKK. During practice Mandarich would have painkillers in his jock strap and take injections during practice. Tony eventually got released from Green Bay in 1991. Tony was getting all BBBangedddd UPPPPP. The story at this point can only get better, and it definitely did. Tony said the key to his transformation was to stop drinking and using drugs. REALLLYYYY?

Tony eventually cleaned himself up and would enjoy a 3 year career with Indianapolis Colts between 1996-1998. Now TONY is a photographer who takes pictures of some pretty FRESH ass biddies. DO WORK KIIIIDD.

The Mandarich interview is below and is quite interesting. THANK YOU COME AGAIN

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