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E Poll’s Top Ten Most Disliked (Assholes) in Sports

E Poll Market Research conducted a survey amongst 1,000 adult sports fans asking them to rank active players, coaches, owners or commentators on a dislike scale ranging from “Dislike Somewhat” to “Dislike” to “Dislike a Lot.” Each person that was surveyed needed to have at least a 10% minimum awareness score in order to be included, so Peter King for example would probably not have his score counted.

The Top Ten Most Disliked People in Sports….

  1. Al Davis (68% dislike)…No surprise here, the guy is a straight up jackass. “Creepy” was the most common word used to describe Al and I could not have described big Al better myself.
  2. Michael Vick (56% dislike)…His dislikedness dropped 13 points from last year but the PETA faithful  is still at no.2. I mean I guess I am a little surprised because I thought Vick helped turn his image around after this year….but when you treat dogs as if they should play Jesus in the Passion of The Christ I guess there ain’t much sympathy for you out there, and rightfully so.
  3. Jerry Jones (53% dislike)…Although I like that Jerry genuinely cares about his BOYS, he is just flat-out annoying. Jerry, hire some coach with discipline because unlike some teams in the NFL your team needs a coach that has discipline written all over him. Then you should go hang in your box seat with a martini, watch the game, maybe get a massage at halftime (with a happy ending of course :)), and watch your Cowboys blow it in the final 2 minutes of the game because it is inevitable, so at least enjoy it.
  4. Tiger Woods (52% dislike)…I actually like Tiger more now than I did before his whole “balls to the wall” campaign. But it is the opposite with America, especially since Tiger is playing as good as John Daly the past two years. Tiger I think you need to get back out on the market player, and get some women back in your life because “YOU ARE SINGLE AGAIN” (Austin Power’s voice). Tiger is clearly sexually frustrated and that is effecting his game on and off the “playing field.” Tiger call up Big Ben after the Superbowl, I am sure there are some college bars with pretty big bathroom areas that you two can have a “blast” in.
  5. Manny Ramirez (50% dislike)…Come On America. Manny is the Man. But apparently his lazy, I don’t give a shit attitude does not sit well with some Americans. The only thing that got me to dislike Manny was when he was taking fertility pills, I mean C’MON MANNN…but it was pretty sweet how he fell asleep in the Green Monster and wouldn’t run full speed to first while with Boston.
  6. Terrell Owens (47% dislike)…According to E Poll individuals either love or hate TO. Understandable. I just hope he doesn’t get another VH1 reality TV show because not only did the TO Show BLOW but TO has no game with the ladies. Nothing like the man himself FLAVORRRR FLAVVVVVV! TO you need to honestly GO from my life and probably most Americans.
  7. Albert Haynesworth (46% dislike)…No surprise here. When you are the Highest Paid Defensive Player in the league and refuse to participate in offseason drills, conditioning, and practice because you do not want to play noseguard in a 3-4; you truly are a jerkoff. Albert would have been higher on the list if (A) more people knew who Albert Haynesworth was and (B) if more Washington Redskins were included in the survey.
  8. Mark McGwire (43% dislike)…I plead the 5th.
  9. Bob Knight (43% dislike)…WHATTT? Bob Knight is not only my DUDE but he has also made the media side of college basketball that much more entertaining. I mean who else throws chairs on the court, curses off reporters and calls out and scares his own players.
  10. Randy Moss (41% dislike)…After being dropped from two organizations (Patriots and Vikings) where your play was superb it may indicate that you (Randy) may have lost it upstairs. America seems to agree.

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Raiders NEW Head Coach Backs Old Uncle Al Davis

Match made in Heaven, aren't these two adorable. Suits the Black-Hole VERY well.

Breath easy Raider Nation, Al Davis is in it for the Long run (Sorta) The 81-year-old senile owner of the Oakland Raiders isn’t going anywhere soon, that is unless……you know.

The Raiders new head coach Hue Jackson had nothing but good things to say about his boss, of course.

Jackson had this to say about Uncle Al when interviewed yesterday and asked about the possibility of Al Davis not being with the organization for too much longer.

“I’ve been told today that we’re in a honeymoon phase,” Jackson said with a chuckle. “I kind of laugh about that. I’d like for it to be one heck of a marriage, because I don’t see what everybody sees. Obviously, maybe I’m a little different. Maybe I’m a little naive when it comes to things, but I don’t think so. I’ve worked for coach Davis for over a year.

“I’ve started a relationship with him based on honesty, based on what I see, You sometimes tell people what they want to hear. I’m not one of those guys. I’m not built that way. I’m going to tell you how it is and if it’s good enough, it’s good enough, and if it’s not, it’s not, and I think that’s where respect comes from.

“He tells me what he sees. I can tell him what I see and then it works together.”

That’s funny and pathetic at the same time, Hue you HONESTLY can’t be that dumb can you? Or is Al that amazing of a puppet master that he already is manipulating you to say what he wants?

Hue Jackson went on to discuss the future of the Raiders and the QB position and such on KMJ (580-AM) IN FRESNO. You can see the transcript here if you wish.

This Raiders team has some talent, 8-8 last year under former coach Tom Cable wasn’t a disaster, but what Al Davis and Co. is about to do to the team, there’s no reason to think they won’t be back in the cellar.

Oakland traded its first round pick in 2011 to the New England Patriots for Richard Seymour back in 2009, so it has no pick in this years very deep draft, not to mention Seymour is a Free Agent in March (that is if there is a CBA in place) Oakland also terminated the contract of one of the top defensive players in the NFL, CB Nnamdi Asomugha making him an Unrestricted Free Agent.

Hue Jackson has his work cut out for him, but to be honest I think he is a great football mind and should do a great job. That is of course is Old Man Al stays out of him way.

God Speed Hue, God Speed.

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