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Eminem’s Super Bowl Commercials…Idiot

Everyone’s favorite white rapper Marshall Mathers A.K.A Eminem made his first commercial appearance during the Super Bowl yesterday, and while this doesn’t really particularly fall into the “Sports” category, I just had to share this.

Considering it did take place during the Super Bowl I felt it was appropriate to share for you Flops.

Now listen closely to the tough guy in this commercial, declaring his “Needs” for commercials, etc. At the end of the commercial Eminem says “That is why I don’t do commercials”

I’m sure all the gangster wanna-bes enjoyed this, now it gets better.

About 20 minutes later, or 2 breaks, a Chrysler commercial airs and who is it in the vehicle trying to scare your kids? ….. None other than Mr. Mathers.

Hypocrite much? ….. check it out!


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How FLOPPY were the Music Performances?

Hey Fergie, way too much clothing girl, leave the body armor for your handsome friends.

Fergie and Christina Aguilera, how could you go wrong?

Last Night, during the Super Bowl that question was answered, and the astounding answer is….easily.

Christina got the night started with her amazing rendition of “The National Anthem” Christina did SO WELL that she decided to even make her own REMIX of it.

These are the Real Lyrics of the song,

“Oh, say can you see by the dawn’s early light What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming? Whose broad stripes and bright stars thru the perilous fight, O’er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming? And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air, Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there. Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?”

Boring right? I say the same. So Christina wanted to change things up a bit, take a listen.

Instead of “O’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming,” Christina sang “What so proudly we watched at the twilight’s last gleaming.”

Aguilera this Morning released a statement on her mishap.

All that being said, what I personally was most frustrated with was Christina’s weight gain. Cmon girl you used to be a dime, now your about .87 cents, time to invest in some Shakeweights.

On to Ferg-ilicious. Girl what was up with that outfit? Your pitch, and SLASH? CMON NOW.

I’m a Fergie fan, she is sexy no question and not hating on the show, (as We at FloppingOut watched the Halftime show on MUTE anyway) and believe me, I saw the videos and heard the highlights or lowlights (your call) MUTE was your best friend(We wouldn’t blame you if you watch the WHOLE game on MUTE, Hello Mr. Buck and Mr.Aikman)

So I sat there waiting and hoping for a repeat of the famous event that happened last time the Super Bowl was in the state of Texas, you know Janet Jackson’s “Wardrobe Malfunction”. I mean Fergie you’re in Dallas you couldn’t even upstage the famous Dallas Cowgirl Cheerleaders. Show some titty girl!

Now the Light show and dancing were great. Very futuristic BUT I was tuned into to see some Fergie-Ferg.


Oh yeah and before we go, don’t try to do Axl Rose, bang Slash if you have to but leave the singing to Axl.

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Top 10 Super Bowl Fails

Will anyone top these FAILS tomorrow? .....We can only Hope!

We’re just under 24 hours away from the big game, and what better way to get you ready then to give you the OFFICIAL FLOPPINGOUT “Top 10 Super Bowl Fails.”

Lets Get It…

#10 – “The Super Bowl Shuffle”  The infamous 1985 Bears were one of the best teams in history, from a furious defense to their Hall of Fame RB “Sweetness” Walter Payton. Not only is this video a fail of the man law, it shows that the Bears’ Swag on the Field didn’t transfer to the their swag on the Dance Floor. Not to mention it’s also a fail that this once dominant team only managed to win ONE Super Bowl.

#9- “Rich Gannon’s performance in Super Bowl XXXVII”  The MVP of that season had statistically one of the WORST Super Bowl’s ever. Gannon Throw 5 Interceptions, 3 of which were returned for Touchdowns. Wow, Spotting the other squad 21 points is a great plan for winning the Super Bowl. The Raiders would lose that game 48-21 to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Rich Gannon was abused by the Tampa Defense like a little schoolboy at Neverland Ranch.

#8- “Tim Tebow’s Abortion Commercial” Timmy may never make the Super Bowl as a QB, but he managed to squeak his way into last years with his “God’s Best Christian Complex” commercial. Now with all the money “Timmy” is bringing Momma, you can bet your ass Momma’s happy she didn’t get her abort on. Question: shouldn’t Urban Meyer be in this video?

#7- “Janet Jackson’s Titty FlashSuper Bowl XXXVIII(2004) was noted for a controversial halftime show in which Janet Jackson’s Titty was exposed by Justin Timberlake for about half a second, in what was later referred to as a “wardrobe malfunction”. Yea Ok, I say Janet just wanted to show off her new Boob Job, either way nice Rack Janet.

Damn Janet, Lets Get It!

#6- “Kevin Dyson, 1 Yard short” The infamous play happened in a Super Bowl XXXIV, played between the St. Louis Rams and the Tennessee Titans in 2000. It resulted in Titans WR Kevin Dyson being tackled by Rams LB Mike Jones at the one-yard line, preserving a 23–16 Rams win. C’mon Kev, can’t man up for ONE MORE YARD.

Kevin Dyson just COULDN'T Sack up for one more yard.

#5- “Eugene Robinson UnderCover Hooker” The night before Super Bowl XXXIII between the Falcons and Broncos, Falcons DB Eugene Robinson was arrested for offering a hooker $40 for a “Mickey Mantle Blowie.” That hooker actually turned out to be an undercover cop. Eugene was arrested blueballs and all. Unfortunately for the Falcons, Eugene was allowed to play the next day. That Super Bowl was one to forget when Eugene allowed a 80-yard TD to Broncos WR Rod Smith, and missed a big tackle on a long Terrell Davis run.

Eugene Robinson did what any man would do the night before the Super Bowl... try to get a blowie.

#4- “Donovan McNauseous” D-Nabb finally got over the NFC Championship hump, and faced the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XXIX. The game was as tight as Lawrence Taylor’s last trick. On the final drive down 24-21 with no time-outs, the heat got to McNabb. As reported by the Philadelphia Inquirer McNabb was throwing up on the sidelines in between plays. Oh Boy.

Looks like the Super Bowl wasn't the first time DNabb blew it during a game.

#3- “Leon Lett Showboating into a Fumble” In Super Bowl XXVII late in the 4th quarter, Lett recovered a fumble on Buffalo’s 45-yard line and ran it back towards the end zone. When he reached the 10-yard line, Lett’s floppy ass started showboating and stretched the ball outward. Little did Floppy Lett know, Bills WR Don Beebe was right behind him. Beebe knocked the ball out of Lett’s floppy hand as it just crossed the goal line, which sent the ball through the end zone, resulting in a touchback. This play would be #1 had the Bills actually won the game, but IT IS THE BILLS after all.

#2- “The Buffalo Bills” Normally we like to select a single event, or player but in the Bills case losing 4 frigging straight Super Bowls is damn near impossible. Theres not much more to say about the feat. Whether it was Thurman Thomas’ fumbles, or the famous Scott Norwood “No good! Wide right!”(Al Michaels voice). The Bills 4 game streak will NEVER be topped, and we hope it NEVER does cause it is too damn funny.

Scotty WIDE RIGHT. 4 Losses is better than 3 anyways.

#1- Drum-role please……. “Raiders C Barrett Robbins DISAPPEARS”  It was Super Bowl XXXVII and the Oakland Raiders were set to face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The stage was set for a great game, a major storyline and all that comes with the Big Game but the only thing missing was RAIDERS CENTER BARRETT ROBBINS. Barrett was missing for two days, the team was unable to get in touch with him, and teammates feared the worst. Robbins eventually admitted he left Sand Diego without his phone, or wallet to go party in Tijuana. When he resurfaced the night before the game he was so incoherent that coach Bill Callahan had no choice but to leave him off the roster. Robbins was quoted saying: “I was in a very bad state of mind at that point,” Robbins said. “In my mind we had already won the Super Bowl and we were already celebrating.” Wow Barrett you are CRAZY, and next time you are trying to party in Tijuana, Hit Us Up.

This picture sums up Barrett's bipolar disorder. Tijuana here we come!

Well there you have it, that’s our list. As you can tell some crazy stuff goes down during, and prior to the Super Bowl. Here’s to Big Ben Roethlisberger staying out of Downtown Dallas Bar Bathrooms tonight!

Enjoy your “Super Sunday” you Floppy bastards, don’t eat and drink too much leave that to FloppingOut.


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New York, Offseason of Champions…Not So Much

This is what your used to as New Yorker's every offseason, not exactly the case this year.

This has been a particularly quiet off-season in the Big Apple, from the second Cliff Lee spurned the Yankees and signed with the Phillies, up until the recent signing of 3B Eric Chavez yesterday .

Both the Mets and Yankees are usually  thrown into the fire of the hot stove every offseason, one more successful than the other, but this year had a different feel.

Maybe it was due to the lack of quality (top 3 Free Agents were OF Carl Crawford, OF Jayson Werth, and SP Cliff Lee) with the exception of Lee, whom the Yankees did everything in their power to acquire, the other two guys, while being great players,  just aren’t superstars.

Or maybe it was the lack of money? In the Mets case this was definitely the reason. As you have probably heard the past few days about the Mets involvement in the Bernie Madoff Ponzi-Scheme, the team is in a big hole financially. Even before that came out, the team had said from day one there were to be no over spending of money and or big trades this offseason.

The Yankees on the other hand have money, and were willing to spend it. It just seemed that the Free Agent class was very weak, and with the two top FA offensive players (Crawford and Werth) who got HUGE deals from the Boston Red Sox and Washington Nationals, the Yankees just didn’t feel they fit their need. From day one the offseason was pitching, pitching, and more pitching for the Bombers, with the question mark of AJ Burnett and the inevitability of Andy Pettitte retiring (just announced it yesterday) the Yankees staff behind CC Sabathia and Phil Hughes may look worse than the Mets 3-4-5 starters (Jon Niese, Chris Young, and Chris Capuano)

This offseason the big additions for each club are as such.

Mets- SP Chris Capuano, SP Chris Young, UTL Scott Hairston, C Ronnie Paulino.

Yankees- RP Rafeal Soriano, RP Pedro Feliciano (Ex-Met), (Minor League deals) SP Bartolo Colon, SP Mark Prior, SP Freddy Garcia, 3B Eric Chavez, INF Ronnie Belliard.

Sure both clubs had to resign key players such as SS Derek Jeter, RP Mariano Rivera, SS Jose Reyes (1 year option) and avoid arbitration with SP R.A Dickey, OF Angel Pagan, etc.

This offseason just never garnered the attention as it had in the past, maybe both clubs are feeling the wrath of the recession?

Doubt it.

The Mets have $51.5 Million dollars coming off the books next year owner Fred Wilpon *CANT WAIT* (Bart Scott Voice) with the likes of CF Carlos Beltran, 2B Luis Castillo, and SP Oliver Perez coming off the books. They could also save a big chunk of change declining the option of RP Frankie Rodriguez.

While both teams didn’t break the bank this year, I can honestly see both teams being competitive all year (barring injury obviously) and yes, I mean the Mets too.

So maybe money doesn’t buy championships……but it sure does help.

Bring on Baseball, and bring on the spring.

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Mickey Mantle Responds to Yankees VP Back in 1973

The Mick, Mickey Mantle (right) would like to tell you about his FAVORITE Yankee Stadium experience.

The year was 1973, and the New York Yankees Vice President at the time Bob Fishel was gathering thoughts from former Yankee Greats on their favorite experiences from the Old Stadium.

You may or may not know the 1973 season was to be the last season played at the ORIGINAL Old Yankee Stadium. In ’74 they did renovations to the ballpark and the Yankees didn’t return until the newly renovated building opened for the 1976 season. If you care they played those two seasons at the Mets ballpark, Shea Stadium.

So Fisher sent out a letter to many Yankees, but the one he sent to Mickey Mantle will live in infamy. The response Fishel got from “The Mick” was PRICELESS.

Take a look at the ORIGINAL Letter sent by Fishel and the Yankees dated December 1972.

A Letter from Yankees VP Bob Fishel in 1972

If you can’t read the writing, this is what it said:

New York Yankees Inc.

Dear Mickey,

As you probably know, 1973 marks the 50th anniversary of Yankees Stadium and we are going to have a season-long Golden Anniversary celebration. We hope to mark the occasion on our Old Timers Day, Saturday, August 11, as well as on individual dates during the season.

We thought it would be interesting to learn from you what you consider your outstanding event at Yankee Stadium. In many cases the answer is obvious, but because we are writing a large number of your former team mates, we are asking you to answer this question for us.

1973 will be the final season at Yankee Stadium as we know it. We will be located at Shea in 1974 and ’75 while Yankee Stadium is completely rebuilt to reopen in 1976.

Thanks for your cooperation. We are looking forward to seeing you in 1973 and wish you a happy holiday season.

Very truly yours,

(Signed, ‘Bob Fishel’)

December 14, 1972/m

Now this is the famous quote from Mickey Mantle HIMSELF.

Mickey Mantle's HILARIOUS response to Fishel's letter

Again, here is what it said.
I consider the following my outstanding experience at Yankee Stadium: 

— I got a blow-job under the right field Bleachers, by the Yankee Bull pen.

This event occurred on or about: (Give as much detail as you can)

— It was about the third or fourth inning. I had a pulled groin and couldn’t fuck at the time. She was a very nice girl and asked me what to do with the cum after I came in her mouth. I said don’t ask me, I’m no cock-sucker.

Signed: Mickey Mantle, The All-American Boy

How Awesome is that, I think I may have found my new favorite “Old Timer” Do Work Mick.

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“Fat Albert” Haynesworth Actually Moved

Don't worry Albert, no one will see you here!


Washington Redskins DL Albert Haynesworth has been charged with simple assault for a road rage incident with another man on the Fairfax County Parkway in Reston, police say.

Haynesworth wasn’t arrested but is expected to turn himself into the police. Surprisingly the Redskins say they haven’t heard about the incident as they have been incoherent for the past 10 years.

The incident occurred Wednesday morning, police say it involved a 38-year old man driving a beautiful 1994 Honda Civic, and another man driving a pickup truck (Fat Albert.)

Word is the driver of the Civic  felt that a pickup truck following behind him was tailgating, so he flipped off  the pickup driver. That’s funny it was probably the fastest Albert has moved all year.

Reportedly Haynesworth and the driver rolled up to a red light, Big Al did the unthinkable and actually MOVED. He got out of his car and “snuffed” the other guy and left the scene. Yeah I know SHOCKER! … Albert Haynesworth on the move.

Simple assault in Virginia is a Class 1 misdemeanor, and could serve 12 months in a county jail and a $2,500 fine, though a maximum sentence is rarely imposed for altercations such as this unless the defendant has a lengthy prior record.

Unless you count stealing millions of dollars from a National Football League team, and being the biggest lard ass and laziest man alive a crime, I think his rap-sheet isn’t too bad.

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Top 10 Sexiest ESPN Female Employees

FloppingOut is offering you a BETTER top 10, an ESPN Top 10 Sexiest Females

Ground breaking poll here at FloppingOut, were going to go a different route. I’m going to give a list of 10 Female Anchors/Reporters that are STILL employed by ESPN, and you are going to vote on who is the sexiest. I already know my vote, and I know where my Co-Blogger Francesco is going with his. Now its time to see who really gets your Bat and Balls warmed up for Baseball season.

Now I’m not ranking these women in MY personal order, just alphabetically. “Less Gett It

Erin Andrews

1. Erin Andrews– What can you say, from “peephole” videos to flaunting her sexy self on College Campuses while doing College Gameday, this sideline reporter is HOT!

Michelle Beadle

2. Michelle Beadle– This chick is awesome, down to earth and just a cool girl, looks like she’d be a lot of fun! ;). Beadle co-host SportsNation on ESPN with Colin Cowherd.

Bonnie Bernstein

3. Bonnie Bernstein– One of my favorites, Bonnie actually is fantastic at her job, used to be a sideline reporter for Sunday Night Baseball, but recently she works on 1050 Radio ESPN NY, New York Football Live with Greg Buttle (Ex-Jets Linebacker)

Linda Cohn

4. Linda Cohn– This one is interesting, she JUST made the top 10, Linda is a very famous and respected SportsCenter anchor, been at ESPN forever and even with her getting up there in age, she sexes up the show a bit.

Colleen Dominguez

5. Colleen Dominguez– 2nd mention of the week here on FloppingOut not to shabby sweetie! This Spicy Latina flies under the radar a bit, she is a Sports Reporter, covers breaking news stories, and other reports for ESPN.

Rachel Nichols

6. Rachel Nichols– Ahh Rachel, just looking at her, you can tell she gets down. Rachel is an intrigal part of NFL Sunday NFL Countdown as well as Monday Night Football. You can also catch her on E60 and SportsCenter.

Wendi Nix

7. Wendi Nix– Wendi primarily handles coverage for NFL, and College Football games featuring teams from the New England area. Wendi at age 36 can still get it.

Sage Steele

8. Sage Steele– Sage is another great SportsCenter anchor, whether it’s that curly hair, or the hottest african-american host, Sage just does it for me.

Hannah Storm

Hannah Storm

9. Hannah Storm– You’d never guess Hannah was 48 years old by looking at her, she is fine. Those sexy legs that she has no problem flaunting will captivate you, just ask Tony Kornheiser. Hannah does the AM editions of SportsCenter and also covers the NBA along with Stuart Scott.

Michelle Tafoya

10. Michelle Tafoya- Michelle is a fox, I’m not sure whether its my obsession with Marisa Tomei that does it because I think they have a lot in common looks wise, or that she is usually on the other side of Suzy Kolber (who i can’t stand) as sideline reporters on Monday Night Football, either way, Tafoya is a hot piece of ace.

Now it’s all up to you guys, vote away, vote multiple times who cares? Let’s see at the end of the week, who you think is the finest chick at ESPN.


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Club Hires SWAT Agents as Security for Mike Vick’s Super Bowl Bash

Leave your gat at home, aint no one is shootin anyone up in here.

Looks like a Dallas Club Owner isn’t technically buying into Mike Vick’s recent Crystal Clear image. The Philidelphia Eagles QB is hosting a big Super Bowl Bash this Friday Night at a Club in Dallas Texas, this time it looks like the Club wont take any chances. Owner Jeff Skaggs says he has hired at least 3 Agents from the SWAT team to make sure nothing goes down, Unlike the Last time Vick hosted a big party like this, someone got shot up.

Vick claimed in 2010 that he had nothing to do with the shooting that took place at his 30th Birthday party at a West Virginia NightClub. No charges were filed against Vick, and the story seemed to disappear.

In fact, Jeff Skaggs, the owner and GM of the Club tells us there will be multiple security measures in place Friday night, including:

Mike Vick‘s own private security team, the NFL is also including It’s own Security.
— The club is bringing in extra members of their own security staff
—  And Guests will be searched and wanded on the way in

Vick and Skaggs say they are not worried at all with the heightened security at the party. Damn, there better not be, seems like a shit load of money will be dished out.

Vick is a changed man, isn’t he?

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Trouble in Paradise?


Who you kidding? We know you LOVE each other.



In an article written by our good friend Peter King of, Big, bad commissioner Roger Goodell said he felt “deceived” by New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick after the whole Spygate scandal back in 2007.

If your unsure, the Spygate scandal was huge a few years back, the Patriots were accused and punished for illegally taping the St.Louis Rams walk through during practices and other pre game films. Many accused Goodell of going soft on Belichick and the Patriots, since Pats owner Robert Kraft and Goodell have such a great relationship, and Kraft is one of the main reasons Ole’ Rog was named the next Commissioner. (That has seemed to work out …. not)

Goodell fined Belichick $500,000 and the team $250,000. He also stripped the Patriots of their 2008 first-round draft pick.

That aside, Goodell has recently said he asked Belichick to issue a public apology along with the fine, and was all but assured Bill was going to make good on his word, as if a lying, cheating, dirtbag’s word was worth much anyway, but to blow off your boss that’s a whole ‘nother ball game.

“I was given assurances that (Belichick) would tell his side of the story,” Goodell said. “He went out and stonewalled the press. I feel like I was deceived.”

Belichick then answered back and said, “I did not make any assurances about thoroughly discussing the subject publicly. I said I would address it following the league’s review. I then did that in a way I thought was appropriate. I don’t think that was deceptive.”

Uh Oh, looks like Mr.Goodell and Bill’s relationship are at a crossroads, maybe you shouldn’t have destroyed those tapes Goodell, you’d still have some leverage on Wiley Ole Bill Belichick.

While writing this, I came across this video. It’s former NFL LB Garry Cobb questioning Bill Belichick, and wondering why he was never punished more severely for the whole cheating scandal. Check it out, he brings up some great points.


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Chicago Cubs and Wrigley Field Start Their Collapse Early

Here is a picture of the damages to Wrigley, can't really see it too well but use your imagination.

Wrigley Field, home to the “Lovable Losers” no not the New York Mets, we’re talking about the REAL lovable losers the Chicago Cubs. Today the Cubs had parts of its roof blown off and damaged last night. No, the stadium wasn’t rocking because the Cubs had finally ended their 102 year winless drought, relax Cubbie Fans it was because of the Blizzard that ripped through the Chicago area.

Chicago was blasted by part of the big storm that has caused havoc on most of the country, but Chicago was one of the harder hit areas. Wind gust up to 60 MPH and snow drifts about 6-8 FEET high. The wind and heavy snow led to damages to panels above the press boxes at the 98-year-old stadium, that opened up in 1914. Of course there has been upgrades and major renovations since, but none good enough to withstand the powerful storm.

Here you can see street views of Wrigley Field, pretty cool.

Thankfully, no one was reported to be injured from the roof panel collapsing, or if you asked long-suffering Cubs fan, unfortunately they weren’t. Kidding of course. Gotta love the Cubbie Fans!

Wrigley is said to be fine structurally and will be good to go as the Cubs open up their season on April 1st. Here’s to the chase for 103.

*No word as of yet if the Minnesota Vikings are expected to use Wrigley Field to play their home-games in 2011.*


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