Arenas given Child Support and Custody Papers During Game

As Gilbert Arenas headed into the locker room during halftime of the Miami Heat game something very unexpected happened to the “Hibachi”. No an injury didn’t mysteriously appear on Arenas, rather Gilbert was handed both custody and child support papers. Gilbert’s ex-girlfriend Laura Mendoza Govan filed claims against Gilbert, claiming that he “financially cut off” his three kids. Gilbert now owes $1.3 million per year ($109,000 monthly) in child support payments. In the words of Nick Spano, Laura “you want another one?”

Gilbert responded, “Everything I say is reaction for something I did…She got served, so now she wants to say something on TV, that’s all it is. I don’t pay attention to it. My lawyer said I can take it because … it’s just reactions to reactions.” Whatever that means Hibach. Next time just threaten Laura with a gun, she may not pursue you as relentlessly.

Gilbert, may be time to get them guns back out. You better serve that bitch up.


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