3 Fights in 4 Seconds a new NHL Record…LETS GET ITTT

Believe it or not on Thursday night a hockey game was played between the Boston Bruins (52-30) and Dallas Stars (52-30) at the TD Garden arena. However, if you were watching the game or  actually at the game you might be confused at the onset as to what sport was actually being played. It seemed like Vince McMahon may have been behind this game all along as within the first 4 seconds of regulation 3 fights occurred.

It started immediately after faceoff when Gregory Campbell of Boston threw down with Dallas’ Steve Ott. After a second faceoff, about a half second later Boston’s Shawn Thornton showed off his Ali muscles against Kyle Barch of Dallas.

Now at this point one would think a hockey game was to be played…BUT after all this is HOCKEY and fighting is actually part of the Hockey spectacle.

SOOO two seconds after yet another faceoff, a third fight ensued between Boston’s Adam McQuaid and Dallas’ Brian Sutherby, where Sutherby got JACKEDD UP.

Fight Summaries

  • Fight 1: Ott wins in a close one, Campbell never wanted in on this fight.
  • Fight 2: A true classic between Thornton and Bart. This duel is a rematch from November of 08 and was well worth the popcorn. Thornton wins in the end as “he catches him with the right over the top” (announcer voice).
  • Fight 3: Adam McQuaid wins in unanimous fashion.

Gary Bettman, NHL’s Commissioner definitely has the announcers take courses in how to call a boxing match. Listen and watch for yourself Floppers


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  1. Larry

    Finally a Hockey article, keep up the great work.
    The website is nice, a little more pizzaz and you’ll be all set.

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