Vikings DE Everson Griffen had an Interesting Few Days

Judging by this picture of Griffen, there's about to be a "Public Disturbance" up in this bitch.


Minnesota Vikings DE Everson Griffen had a week for the record books. The former USC standout was arrested TWICE in the matter of 3 days.

Griffen was selected in the fourth round of last years NFL Draft even though many had him graded as first round talent, much due to his off field trouble, and trouble is what he found himself in this week.

On Saturday night Griffen was arrested in Hollywood for being drunk in public by the LAPD, but was released later the next day. That was only the beginning, Griffen was pulled over around 4PM on Monday, and of course he didn’t have valid identification on him. As Police were questioning him, he began to get aggressive and actually GRABBED on of the Cops in the crotch and tried to run away from the officers. He was then tased and arrested. Not before the ever so popular ” I don’t want to go back to jail” slipped out of his mouth, I’m serious!

This isn’t the first run in with the law as you can imagine, Griffen was cited for a noise disturbance while at USC. Now this isn’t OJ Simpson or Lawrence Taylor type offenses, you can bet your last dollar the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell will do their due diligence.

Although he was arrested, LAPD said today that Griffen won’t be facing felony charges since it was his “first offence”

If I’m Everson, I’d work on that 40 time and his speed, getting caught by the LAPD aint exactly the Bears defense, get ready to run big boy.

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