Steelers “Making it Rain” but where was Big Ben?

What is the best way to prepare for the one and the only SUPERBOWLLLL…….. WELL……………………….Hit up “Make it Rain Monday” at the Strip Club. Hell YEAAAAA.

The Dallas Morning News reports that hours after getting of the plane Hines Ward, Ike Taylor and numerous other members of the Pittsburgh Steelers went directly to Dallas Gentlemen’s Club. According to the Huffingtonpost, upon entering Ward and teammates were bombarded by strippers, receiving lap dances in the VIP and throughout the entire club. Apparently, Hines Ward was the man who “Made it Rain” all night, throwing dollar bills everywhere as if he was at SUES (for my Mount Vernon Homies).

We all know Fat Joe, Weezy, and Hines Ward know how to make it rain but where was Ben?

Where was Big Ben?

  • Well he was probably at home studying his playbook. No that doesn’t sound quite right.
  • He was at local bar relaxing on a few lagers. Maybe, but Ben is crazier than that.
  • He was in the area looking for a college bar to get his creep on. Very possible, but I mean it is Superbowl week and Ben will probably wait during the offseason to get his inner creep back on.
  • GOT IT….Ben got there early, reserved the bathroom area, and was Making It Rain all over the strippers standing on toilet seats. GET IT BIG…..BENN

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