Troy Polamalu WINS NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year Award, NO!

NFL Voters made the wrong damn choice again, look at what happened with George Bush, voters never learn.

For the second consecutive year, the NFL voters made the wrong choice for Defensive Player of the Year. Last year the Green Bay Packers CB Charles Woodson was given the award when almost all of the league thought New York Jets CB Darrelle Revis should have won it.

NOW fast forward one year, and their at it again. Pittsburgh Steelers S Troy Polamalu was voted today for the same award, somehow beating out Green Bay’s LB Clay Matthews. Polamalu received 17 out of 50 votes, Matthews got 15.  Steelers LB James Harrison received 8, Bears DE Julius Peppers got 6, Bears LB Brian Urlacher received 2, Ravens S Ed Reed and Ravens DT Haloti Ngata both received 1 vote.

Who really cares about the numbers, Matthews was robbed. Don’t get me wrong Polamalu is an AMAZING player, he may make the biggest impact on a team there is, but for an individual award Matthews should have been the clear cut winner.

Hell, if you want to talk numbers we can, sure Polamalu had 7 interceptions, taking one back for a TD, but Matthews stats as a OLB are amazing. 13.5 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, and an interception for a TD. Not to mention his stellar postseason numbers too, but this is a regular season award.

Clay Matthews on his twitter account ( @ClayMatthews52 ) took the high road and congratulated Polamalu, who also had a great tweet on HIS own twitter account. Then things got strange as Troy got all curly, queer haired on us with the love fest.

It leads me to my point, why do the voters continue to give out awards based on “names” Woodson last year had a great year, but Darrelle Revis (who at the time wasn’t as big of a name as he is now) may have had one of the best defensive seasons in history.

You be the judge people, who do you think should have won the award?

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One response to “Troy Polamalu WINS NFL’s Defensive Player of the Year Award, NO!

  1. Nice post. I don’t think though that Troy Polamalu deserved the defensive player of the year. I’m not saying that Troy Polamalu doesn’t mean a lot to his team, as he means possibly as much as any player in the NFL. However, on a one year type of thing, Clay Matthews probably should have gotten the award, especially since Troy Polamalu missed a couple of games due to injury. One or two memorable/outstanding plays during a season that stick in people’s memories should not blind you to facts around. Just because someone is incredibly important to their team does not necessarily mean that they had the better single season of greatness comparatively. Also, you think you could take a look at my blog cuz I would love ot hear what you have to say.

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