Jets Strength Coach Sal Alosi “Resigns”

Sal Alosi took the fall for the Jets, after this trip.

The New York Jets Strength and Conditioning coach Sal Alosi, the guy who was in the middle of theTripGateincident this past December “Resigned” today a teams spokesman said.

Alosi was suspended indefinitely after he tripped Miami Dolphins Special Teams gunner Norman Carroll on the Jets sideline as he was running down the field after a punt. The following day Alosi was suspended  without pay and fined $ 50,000.

The Jets said Alosi admitted to the team that he told the inactive players to form a wall on the sideline during punts.

Today, Alosi took the ultimate fall by resigning, if you want to call it that. The conspiracist in me thinks Alosi ultimately took the blame for the whole situation so that it didn’t become a league wide investigation and something tells me Sal made out on this deal pretty well, I’m $ure the Jet$ took very good care of $al with a nice $everance.

Jets General Manager Mike Tannenbaum said in a statement that it was Alosi’s decision

“After speaking with Sal, he decided that it is best for him to tender his resignation at this time,” Tannenbaum said. “We appreciate all of Sal’s contributions during his tenure with the team. He played an invaluable role in our success and established what we feel is one of the better strength and conditioning programs in the NFL.

Believe Mike if you want, or you can think for yourself, it’s your call you floppy bastahds!

Check out the video from the Jets Dolphins game back in December, in case you’ve been living under a rock since then.


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