CitiField to Host 2013 MLB All Star Game

Looks like an excellent park to host a Home Run Derby right?


Although unofficial, Major League Baseball is expected to award the New York Mets’ new ballpark CitiField the 2013 MLB All Star Game and all the other festivities. (Home Run derby, Celeb All Star Game, etc) The Mets haven’t hosted an All Star Game since 1964, the first year of their old home Shea Stadium.

If you follow baseball you know that CitiField isn’t exactly a launching pad for Home runs. That will DEFINITELY turn all the major stars onto the Home Run Derby. Not! …. CitiField’s dimensions have been heavily criticized by fans, and other media in New York, so much so that Management had to discuss whether or not to make some adjustments….didn’t happen. CitiField is home to a ridiculous 16-foot wall in Left Field, stretching all the way to left center. Then turn your attention to right field, and we’d like to welcome you to the Grand Canyon, a deep gap that goes 378 ft deep. Yeah, this will be a very entertaining Home Run Derby. Your winner, Jeff Francouer with 1 HR. Jeff just LOVES CitiField.

While it’ll be excellent to have all this in NYC, this maybe your last chance to see something exciting in this stadium for a long time, don’t miss it!

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