Ben must really be a Creep

In Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback it was discovered that during the offseason while Roger Goodell was in the process of giving Big Ben his sentence, he decided to talk to 24 of Roethlisberger’s teammates about the incident. To his surprise not one of Ben’s 24 teammates came to his defense. Goodell told Peter King (who should be banned from twitter) that, “not one, not a single player, went to his defense.”

Well if Ben’s teammates have no defense on his alleged sexual assault case then he must be A REAL CREEP and they must know about his drunken or maybe sober (who knows these days) ways.


Big Ben about to get his Creep on. Get em Bennnn. You can do it. You can forcefully try to bang girls Allll Nightttt Longgg....

I mean getting all banged up and going around the bar creeping on girls is alright (I do it religiously, probably tonight), but when you are forcefully bringing girls into the bathroom or whatever Ben does, that is just flat out creepy. And based on King’s conversation with Goodell it seems that Ben’s teammates are not at all surprised with his behavior.

On a similar note, Goodell seemed disappointed with the outcome of their meeting when he claimed to King that “he doesn’t feel any connection” with Roethlisberger. I mean Roger if you want Ben to get all creepy on you, just take him to the bar. I’m sure you’ll get it in. Now this makes me think, how exactly did Ben get that sentence down to 4 games…HMMMMMM?

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