Newsflash:Brandon Marshall is a Bad Teammate!

Check out this fresh Mugshot

As if you didn’t know already Miami Dolphins WR Brandon Marshall is a jerk off. Not much else to say, he is an amazing talent, but has a brain and an attention span of a 6-year-old kid.

Marshall is all you could ask for physically in a WR, big strong physical body, great hands runs great routes, but lacks the head to be a superstar.

Marshall was shipped out of Denver after many off field issues, ranging from his assault and disorderly conduct to DUI’s. Now a new story comes out today from Dolphins former WR coach Karl Dorrell (now QB Coach) called Marshall “difficult at times” and added No one else would say it publicly. During his first season in Miami, where the Dolphins went 7-9 and Marshall had a sub par season to his standards, (86 rec 1,014 yards and 3 TD’s) much could be put on his QB Chad Henne and the problems the Dolphins have had at the QB position.

I’m not one to get on an athlete for off field problems, and say I wouldn’t want the guy on my team, but this guy was outed in Denver, and is well on his way in Miami. Good Luck to both parties…

Here is a classic Brandon Marshall video, acting very, very mature.

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