Garnett doing the Dirty

I guess the All Star Game couldn’t come soon enough, as over the past couple days tempers have been flaring in the NBA. In regards to Garnett’s “defense” on Channing Frye last night: I have seen some pretty absurd things in my life in order to affect one’s shot, but what Garnett did is Awesome and HILARIOUSSSSSSS (Frank Caliendo, Jim Rome Voice…watch the video…HILARIOUSSS).

Check it out….

The funniest part is when Marc Jackson says, “Those are the type of plays where guys could get hurt”….HAHA I didn’t know a ball tap could result in serious injury. I mean I do know of some people who have lost a NUT but I don’t think that Garnett’s Tap would result in anyone losing a Testi. I mean I know this guy Ronnie (a.k.a. Ronnie One) who got hit with a Lacrosse ball and welll….the rest(well his ball) is history.


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