Everything is bigger in Texas besides Basketball Scores

Paino (Texas) West High got blown out in their last performance against the No. 12 ranked team in the country, Flower Mound (Texas) Marcus High. So in their next game to stay more competitive Paino West High HELD THE BALL FOR AN AVERAGE OF MORE THAN A MINUTE. Are you kidding me coach Anthony Morgan, what are we in the 1930s. Come on MANNN.

Yahoo reports that the West coach was quoted, “it’d be nice to trade punches…but we did that at our last place…Let’s just limit possessions and be very deliberate and patient on offense and work it into our bigs.” Haha, I mean there is a difference between having patience, making sure you take a good shot and holding the damn ball for over a minute. I mean it somewhat worked in that the game went to 3 overtimes, but in the end the No. 12 ranked team, Marcus High WON 38-31. Way to look like an idiot Morgan. You should be banned from coaching basketball. My only question is since when are people in Texas so against shooting. I guess we may actually need Bush back as president because apparently things aren’t bigger in Texas anymore.

George stop showing of your bird and Go Save Texas!

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