Guess who will be back in 2011…

According the Showtime’s “Inside the NFL” segment, Plaxico Burress, yes the G who shot himself in the leg, will be reinstated in the NFL for 2011. Drew Rosenhaus, Plaxico’s agent was quoted saying, “I’m not a big advocate of making predictions on teams because so much can change…But I am not afraid to make the following prediction: Plaxico Burress will be playing in 2011, and he will play very well. And it will be a very happy ending(like last time?haha) to a very tough, tough story for him.”

According to league sources Burress will not face any additional discipline from the league. I do however have one very basic question for Plax though….HOW THE HELL DID YOU SHOOT YOURSELF IN THE LEG? COME ON MANNNNN. IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE HAHHAH.

And that would be the first question I would ask Plax upon being released out of prison. I would want a play by play on exactly what happened, and how he pulled it off because it honestly puzzles me. Good luck to him though, I thought he did receive a harsh sentence being that he was a celebrity and had some sort of, even if minimal, reason to carry a loaded firearm. But I guess the law is the law, and at the end of the day, Plax, you are still a Tard.

Plax you need to get back in the club and DO THA STANKY LEG waaatt DO THA STANKY LEGG waaaatttt

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