Is Brian Cashman Losing It?

It's been a tough year for Brian Cashman, will it be his last?

It’s been a rough last few months for the New York Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman. First it was his teams early exit from the postseason at the hands of Cliff Lee and the Texas Rangers. But that’s okay the Yankees and majority of the MLB figured Lee, the most sought out Starting Pitching Free Agent in the past few years was just going to sign WITH the Yankees this past December. Well to quote the great Borat, one of my favorite movies “NOT SO MUCH” Lee left the Yankees in the dust and signed a five-year contract worth $120 million and a vesting option worth $27.5 million for the 2016 season could bring the maximum value of the deal to $135 million over six years with the Philadelphia Phillies. Shocking in many ways because the Yankees had offered Lee his choice of a six-year, $138 million deal or a seven-year, $148 million contract, including a player option.

That’s Ok Cashman is a big boy, he’s the GM of one of the richest franchises in sports he can bounce back right?  Sure let’s take a look at the remaining Starting Pitchers…. Carl Pavano hmm can’t do that again, maybe Matt Garza from the Rays, NO Tampa would never trade him in the division. Cant bring Javy Vasquez back, looks like the Yankees are in a bit of a pickle.

Two weeks ago news breaks that the Yankees have signed RP Rafael Soriano to a 3-year 35 Million dollar deal to SET UP the great Mariano Rivera, shocking to say the least. Brian Cashman then says “I didn’t recommend [the deal],” it was the organization’s decision and he thought it was too much money to give to a middle reliever. Hmm interesting, Cash went on to say he was left out of the negotiations and Yankees president Randy Levine was the one who headed up the contract with Soriano’s agent Scott Boras.

Whatever no big deal, he lost out on the top-tier SP, now there is no one left on the market, and the Yankees over payed for a relief pitcher. So what? Whats that Andy Pettite guy doing? Today Brian Cashman reiterated almost out of desperation that the door has been left open for a return if the 38-year-old lefty wants to give it another shot after all but retiring this offseason. In fact Cashman said a 12 million dollar deal is still out there on the table if he wants to give it a go this year. Wow!

Brian Cashman, who is in his final year of a 3 year contract that pays him a little more then 2 million dollars a year, was  speaking at a breakfast Q&A session sponsored by WFAN, Cashman got into the topic of a possible position change for El Capitan, SS Derek Jeter. Cashman said he didn’t want Jeter making the switch from SS to 3B if he were to DH current 3B Alex Rodriguez. He then went on to say he likes his corner OF’s to be young and have a lot of power, so if a position change were in the future for Jeter, it would HAVE to be a “Robin Yount situation” as you may or may not be familiar with Robin Yount, he spent his first 10 full seasons in the MLB as a SS. He moved to CF  in the 1985 season. He went on to win an AL MVP while playing out the remainder of his 20-year career as a center fielder and designated hitter. No harm right? Welllll he was heard this morning saying he was obviously speaking hypothetically and said it was “baseball conversation, not a declaration, not an announcement, nothing of that nature.” Relax Brian who are you trying to convince here?

NOW the final screw has come popping out, Cashman has lost it. Today the New York Yankees have signed SP….. BARTOLO COLON to a 1 year MINOR LEAGUE deal, and invited him to Spring Training. Colon could make up to $900,000 if he makes the big league club. Colon, 37, didn’t pitch in the majors last season. He last appeared in the majors in 12 games for the White Sox in ’09, going 3-6 with a 4.19 ERA. Colon hasn’t made more than 20 starts in a season since ’05, when he won the Cy Young Award with the then Anaheim Angels. He went 21-8 with a 3.48 ERA that season.  I know I know big deal, it’s a MINOR LEAGUE contract they didn’t exactly give him Carl Pavano, Kei Igawa, Kevin Brown money, but still this is the YANKEES were talking about, a far cry from CC Sabathia, Mark Teixeira and Curtis Granderson last offseason, YIKES.

Jeez Bartolo, looks like your giving Sabathia a run for his money on the biggest jersey award.


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  1. ballaholic

    Yanks r gettin floppyy they jus need to drag david wells out of the bar n retirment n they’ll be faaaloppin

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