Goodell to make $1 a year….whhhaaaaaattttt

Roger Goodell claims that in the event of a lockout he is willing to cut his salary to $1. My question is why not 50 cents or 25 cents. Why does he still have to make a $1. Or even why not $2, I mean then Goodell might still be able to buy a bottle of water. Or rather Goodell should can it and actually do something to get an agreement reached by March because my fat ass needs something to do on Sunday and a reason to eat wings all day. Carl Francis the NFLPA communications director smells the Goodell B.S. when he states in regards to Roger….

“I have been around long enough to know that this decision is irrelevant to the process. He should also guarantee there won’t be a lockout”


Roger looking good BRA

So Goodell LETSSS GETT IT, and get this agreement done. Stop waiting in front of your phone and television set for another athlete to get their thug on, or a FOOTBALL player to actually hit someone. LOVE YOU ROG

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One response to “Goodell to make $1 a year….whhhaaaaaattttt

  1. john

    Godells such an asswipe

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