Bears doing the Hanie…while Cutler needed a Hanky

Caleb Hanie was balling out against the Green Bay Packers completing 65 % of his passes as he looked like the quarterback the city of Chicago has always wanted, especially in a big playoff game. But the Bears real starter and the guy Chicago was depending on to come through versus a tough Green Bay defense (particularly against the pass) was sitting like Buddha on the sidelines. During the NFC championship game, Jay Cutler the quarterback the Bears gave up Kyle Orton, two first round picks and a third rounder for was sitting on the sidelines, completely disinterested. If you saw the game Culter looked so relaxed on the sideline, with his typical arrogant, “I AM THE MAN AND EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW IT” look, that I was surprised the Bears’ organization didn’t have a servant massaging him or giving him cups of tea during the game. BUT Cutler did have an MCL sprain SOO………COME ONNN give the guy a break. Not the case here at FloppingOut. LESSS GET ITTTT

Now I Understand that Cutler has been taking unwanted criticism throughout his entire career and I am not the one to bash someone who is actually hurt. But why wasn’t Jay sent to the locker room to test out and diagnose the extent of his injury (which we now know was an MCL Sprain). I understand that trainers told Jay that he could not go back in because he was too hurt to play, or that if he did play hurt he would hurt his Team chances to win (doubt that is possible with Todd “big play for the defense” Collins), but didn’t Jay try. Rather, why wasn’t the golden boy himself testing out his knee on the sideline, or even make an effort to talk some Love into his coach to let him in. Was it that bad that he couldn’t try to get himself back into the biggest game of his career. I GUESS NOT…. I mean the team did invest a ton in you Jay, but I guess a sprain isn’t worth a shot to try to come back and invest yourself in them.

But what happened after the game was even more surprising and hilarious that I want to rip on Jay just a little bit. Jim Trotter of Sports Illustrated reports that when asked about other players comments about Cutler’s, Cutlet thick skin, Jay turned around started to fiddle something and had tears running down his eyes. OOOO Poor Little Jay…we feel so bad for you. Please Jay this is football not soccer, not tennis, golf or even baseball. Football players are tough as nails and for them to give you some shit via Twitter about your sideline posing, and disinterest or will to try and return into the NFC Championship game should have been expected, not cried over. Football players work all year: two a days, lifts, morning runs, team meetings, meals, film, practice, pregame stretching and procedure (which is probably the most annoying part believe it or not), regular season games etc…That for Cutlet skined Cutler to not give it his all not for himself which is actually expected because we know that when Jay is uncomfortable he bails (Denverrrrrr) but rather for his teammates is just sad and not what football is about.


The Man Himself Jay Cutlet

And for the record I am a Jay Cutler fan. I like the way he plays, and how he plays with guts and even balls when he takes continuous hits, gets up and stills plays well. But when it comes to football or maybe even life no one is Cooler and more important in Jay Cutler’s life than Jay Cutler. It seems that he cares about himself and only himself.

Jay you do have a great mug though, we gotta hit up the club one night. You could by my wing man OOOO I forgot I would have to be your Wing Man because you are after all THE ONE AND ONLY JAY CUTLER.

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