Prince Vince Misses at the Buzzer

Vince Carter has DONE IT….NO he hasn’t finally mentioned the word win in a press conference, but he has scored 20,000 points in his career, becoming the 37th player in NBA history to accomplish such a feat. Now out of those 37 players only 10 are not in the Hall of Fame, and if Vince keeps playing for at least another 3 years, which is more than likely, he will surpass career point totals of NBA greats Charles Barkley, Elgin Baylor and Larry Bird. So it seems quite fitting for Vince to be a Hall of Famer.

But Vince had to be somewhere 6 hours before the game

Vince was "Half Man Half Amazing" until he Graduated College

Now if there were a dunking Hall of Fame, Prince Vince would be number one on my list. Check out his dunks, “HALF MAN HALF AMAZING” as he was known for so many years. But when it comes to being an overall basketball player Vince was and still is ALL MAN with not much, if anything AMAZING at all about his overall game. Throughout his career, Vince was a great scorer, great at changing the momentum of any game, and even had flashes of playing great defense. However when it came down to his overall work as a player and competitor Prince Vince falls 2.0 seconds short.

During the 2000-01 NBA season the Raptors were playing great, as was Carter. That season Vince was on a tear averaging a career high 27.6 points per game, voted as a starter during the 2001 All Star Game, and even earned All NBA Second Team honors. That year the Raptors won a record 47 games, and were primed for a playoff run. In the first round of the playoffs the Raptors beat the Knicks 3-2 in a tough, hard nose series. They then advanced to play AI and the 76ers (or rather just AI) in the Eastern Conference Semifinals. If you don’t recall, this series was back and forth, and quite electric. However, electricity dimmed a bit at the Air Canada Centre on the morning of May 20th, 2001. That was the morning of Game 7 and ALL the hype was on AI and Vince. And what does Vince do to hype himself up for a Game 7, GRADUATE COLLEGE.

That morning Vince decided to miss pregame morning practice to take a plane and attend his University Graduation at North Carolina at Chapel Hill . HE DID THIS 6 HOURS BEFORE THE GAME AND TOOK A PLANE BACK. Now being a former athlete myself I would never do anything to take my mind of a pivotal Game 7, barring a family issue. I mean I might go out somewhere to eat, or even watch a weird movie (NO HOMO) etc…BUT fly to North Carolina to celebrate a college graduation. I mean you can get your diploma in the mail, do you have to be there? You were SO RIGHT VINCE.

Who knew that that night with 2 seconds left, down 1, Toronto would have the ball looking to get the ball to one of the leagues best scorer (if not the best scorer that year). AND what would occur next is indicative of Vince’s career and potential as a Hall of Famer. Check out the clip below.


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