NFL Divisional Saturday

NFL Divisional Round, separating the Men from the Boys.

The moment you’ve all been waiting for since last Sunday, my official breakdown, and predictions for this weeks games, money on the line, dignity, whatever, I was 4-0 last week, with my upset special the SEAHAWKS!

This week I’ll pick’em, break’em down a bit, but I won’t be offering a “Wild Card” since Wild Card weekend has come and gone, now this is where the big boys play. Instead I will be picking a player from each of the 4 teams today (4 tomorrow) as my Big playmakers. It’s simple, I will pick a guy who I think will go off, statistically.

Ok, I’ll shut up, and make you all some more money. Bet it and forget itttt.

The "Bloodbath" Ravens @ Steelers

Baltimore @ Pittsburgh 4:30 PM Saturday 1/15/2011

What a way to start your Weekend, these are the best in the NFL, no doubt about it, the hatred for each other is immense, yet there is still a “Mutual Respect” factor between the two. Both these teams run the football, play defense; hence the reason why these teams are annually in the playoffs. They smack you in the mouth, and physically beat you down. I can’t wait for this game. Lets GET IT>

Home field advantage is obviously in the Steelers favor, but I don’t think it will factor into the final decision.

I’m taking the Ravens over the Steelers, 16-13.

Players to watch for:

Baltimore : RB Ray Rice, for the Ravens to win this game, they will lean heavily upon Rice. Lets face it you’re not going to successfully run the ball on Pittsburgh, but the Ravens MUST stay committed. Rice can have a very big game catching passes out of the backfield, which I expect him to do. I can see a 21 Carry 75 yards rushing day, and 6 rec 54 yards with a TD through the air for the man FROM NEW ROCHELLE.

Pittsburgh: S Troy Polamalu, Men lie, Women lie, numbers don’t, that’s all you need to know when it comes to Polamalu and the Steelers. Pittsburgh is 25-8, and they are only allowing 14 points and 266 yards per game, with Polamalu in the lineup. Without him, the Steelers are 7-6, giving up 23 points and 320 yards per game. What else needs to be said? Troy, if healthy, could be the sole reason the Steelers defense puts the clamp down and wins. 8 tackles, and a FF for Troy.

Packers @ Falcons

Green Bay @ Atlanta 8:20 PM  Saturday 1/15/2011

Since Matt Ryan began his career in Atlanta them boys from the ATL are all but unbeaten at home. On the other hand Green Bay is riding high, and specifically their defense ranks up there with the best, if not the best out of all the teams remaining. So something has to give. A LOT of people have been hopping on the Packers bandwagon, where my floppy ass has been seated nicely ALL year-long, but it has gotten to a point where I kindly stood up, and gave my seat to a new member. All week I have been trying to find ways to pick the Packers, but I have given up hope, I’m back with the Falcons. It’ll be a great game, and I see the score settling in the 20’s for both teams, but I don’t see Mr. Rodgers answering the call. Atlanta is a tough place to travel, and to be totally honest this should have been your NFC championship matchup.

I like the Falcons over the Packers, 28-24.

Players to watch for:

Green Bay: LB Clay Matthews, Clay has been nothing short of amazing this year definitely a DPOY candidate, and the guy is just MEAN. We all know he will get pressure on Matt Ryan and have this defense ready to go. Green Bay will try to slow Michael Turner down and make the Falcons a one-dimensional team. 5 tackles, and a sack for the kid from USC.

Atlanta: WR Roddy White, I think White is going to go OFF. He is as physical, and as talented as any WR in the NFL. He runs amazing routes, has great hands, and makes plays on the ball like the best. The Charles Woodson/ Roddy White matchup is key in this game, but I think White will get the best out of Woodson. I can see 8 Rec 110 yards and a TD from RODDYYY.

As you floppers know, I will make my picks for Sunday’s two games. These picks will come well, on Sunday. Enjoy todays slate of games, good luck to you, and your teams. Get your flop on, eat some chips, and watch some FOOTBALL AMERICAAA.

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