A New Potential Cheerleader in Town


Rob, with that hair you could definitely try out for the Cowboys Cheerleading Team you sexy thanggggg...

Rob Ryan is going to………


At FloppingOut we think this is a great move for the Cowboys because although the Cowboy defense is pretty damn good the one problem with them boys is that they do not play with the consistency that is needed to compete week in and week out, especially in their tough division. Rob should not only provide them with such consistency, but sexy rob also seems to get the most out of his players. For example what happened to Jay Ratliff and Anthony Spencer last year? These two were dominant in the past and this year Flopped off big time. Rob should get both of these sleeping giants to wake up, in addition to putting them in situations to make more plays. Rob could even provide Romo with hugs, who probably still isn’t over the whole Jessica thing. Sucks Romo, really sucks. But don’t worry you could cuddle with Rob now.

Good Luck Rob Ryan and don’t ever cut your hair you sexy beast.


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3 responses to “A New Potential Cheerleader in Town

  1. Robert Lutgen

    Rob You Floppin Spastic! We knew Tommie Bauman,thank God you are better coach than him! Always liked you better Rex and was one of the few that could tell you guys apart the teachers could not. Because of you and Rex I was a Bears fan until 06,now go for THE PACK only. Wow the Cowboys great job Rob you are All World and most worthy Brother Ryan God Bless You! I recall Chicago lost to Dallas by 3 points With coach Armstrong the media called it a moral victory. I think your dad was on the team then,thank him for 1985 the last time they were any good. bobby lut

  2. Rob if your single I’d love to meet you. I’m a big Dallas fan but not a groupie.
    Glad your in Dallas your record is impressive.
    Gooooooooo Cowboys!

  3. Vickie


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