Jimmer Fredette is a pretty sweet name, and an even sweeter college basketball player. After watching the highlights of his 47 points against Utah, all I could think of is a more gangster version of JJ Redick. Fredette doesn’t roll of picks, catches and shoots, but Jimmer gets the ball and shoots from wherever he is feeling it. At 6-2 this kid is a straight up white BALLAA even though he missed a dunk last night. COME ON JIMMMERR.

Yea my name may be Jimmer, but I got Game SONNNN

Fredette is starting point guard of Brigham Young University, and is currently leading the NCAA in scoring (26.1 PPG). Yea he has skills to pay the bills and is also from NY so respects on that Jimmer. DO WORK

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  1. ballaholic

    White boy doin wizoork! Floppingout all day

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