Paper that proves OJ’s innocence? Yea RIGHTTTT

According to reports a paper written by F. Lee Bailey in regards to the OJ Simpsom trial proves or gives substantial evidence of OJ’s innocence. Now I know this trial is long forgotten, but no one is more interesting to read about then the man himself, OJ.(WE LOVE YOU MAN). Apparently this document contained information on four potential witnesses, whom the defense team claims would have significantly proved Simpsom’s innocent in the public’s eyes. It’s hard to believe that a document that would have bolstered OJ’s chances would not have been entered into evidence, on the basis of potentially being dismissed. You could have least tried DEFENSE TEAM if it was that important to your case. But I guess all the defense needed was Mr. Mark Fuhrman and his racist phone calls.

  • Hold on …we should all give OJ chance though,  wait didn’t we do that already. And now he is LOCKED up and they won’t LET HIM OUT.

This truck better get its ass moving, I need to get that damn memorabilia. Why these Pigs following me anyways?

The article can be found at the Huffingtonpost and all the OJ FANS should check it out….


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