Those Crazy ass people from Seattle

Here at
FloppingOut we had our doubts about all the talk about how crazy those Seahawk fans are. I mean come on, how crazy can people in Seattle be, I MEAN THEY are from Seattle. Also being an avid football fan for the last ten years it seems that everyone always refers to a teams’ fan base as being real tough, or that this or that stadium is real hard to play in. But what happened yesterday during Marshawn Lynch’s spectacular 67 yard touchdown in the 4th quarter against them Saints shows that we need to stop being doubters here at FloppingOut and give credit where credit is due.

Seahawk fans really are"BEASTMODE"

DuringLynch’s run the Pacific Northwest Seismic Monitoring Station Network or a device used to measure the intensity of earthquakes, found that at 4:43pm PT time (during the amazing run), BEASTMODE CAME TO LIFE at QWEST FIELD. It was recorded that a small tremor or hurricane occurred at the SoDO or the Southern Dome area of the stadium. Seahawk Fans we must say you are fucking crazy and you better keep that up next week because we all know Cutler’s panties will get real wet if enough pressure is put on him. DO WORK SEATTLE.

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