NFL Wildcard Sunday

Day 2 of Wildcard Weekend.

Day 2, Wildcard Sunday, after a thrilling first day of the playoffs, where we saw the Seahawks, and Jets advance, and the last years Superbowl teams (Saints, and Colts) go home. Day 2 will provide us with two GREAT match ups, is it possible we could have two even BETTER games? We’ll see. Oh, a lets not let it go unnoticed, that here at FlopppingOut, we NAILED yesterdays predictions. Scores weren’t on, but we got both winners, so betters and even bookies, listen up, we’ll try to win you some money today, if you promise us a cut. Lets go!

Ravens @ Chiefs I love this matchup

Baltimore @ Kansas City 1pm Sunday 1/9/2011

This is honestly my favorite matchup of the entire weekend, both teams are very similar in that you know they are going to line it up, play defense, and try to beat you with the run. The Ravens have the experience, but the Chiefs do have home-field advantage. Both have two good QB’s, and two All star RB’s. With the Ravens, you know what they are going to do: come in and beat you up on defense, run the ball, and spread it around to the 3 WR’s with alittle bit of Heap sauce. Kansas City on the other hand, has Matt Cassell, coming off a GREAT regular season, and Dwayne Bowe who was an absolute beast this regular season. There is no one in the Ravens secondary who can cover him, expect a lot of double teams Bowe’s way, leaving the middle of the field open a bit for Jamaal Charles out of the backfield. Each team has explosive backs, and then two wily vets sharing the load, Ravens Ray Rice and Willis McGahee, and the Chiefs Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones. This game is going to be close.

I like Baltimore on the road though, experience is too important in the playoffs. Ravens 23 Chiefs 17.

My “Wild Card” for each team:

Baltimore: LB Terrell Suggs: This guy is as mean as they come, huge frame, and he will get after you and knock you out. I’m not sure Matt Cassell has seen a player of his caliber all season and there in minimal doubt he WILL be in Cassell’s face a few times today, you can take that to the bank. If Suggs can make a few impact plays on defense, the Ravens could come up with an easy win on the road. However, if he’s held in check a bit, the Chiefs could have their way with the Ravens defense.

Kansas City: TE Tony Moeaki: I like this kid, an up and coming star at the TE position in the NFL. The Chiefs are going to rely heavily on him today, mainly because Bowe will certainly see a lot of double teams, and with not many other pass catch weapons on this offense, Moeaki will see a lot of balls his way; especially in the red zone. Not to mention the Ravens are very susceptible against the TE.

Packers @ Eagles

Green Bay @ Philadelphia 4PM Sunday 1/9/2011

This is an intriguing matchup. WOOO. In my opinion the Packers have the best defense in the playoffs right now. Clay Matthews is just a “Man’imal I love that dude no homo. They’re very banged up though, and I fear that they don’t have the speed on the edges to contain Michael Vick whether he is healthy or not. That being said I think both teams will score, early and often, so the result could easily be a shootout. Vick comes into this game very banged up, to his own admission. He took a beating against Minnesota two Tuesdays ago, still sounds weird mentioning football on a Tuesday, whatever. Both teams LOVE to throw the rock, Aaron Rodgers is playing his best football, as is the entire Packers team, which why in the end I will pick them to win. Philadelphia to me, just isn’t a type of team that can win in the postseason, they are more of a regular season, fantasy football juggernaut. Now let’s be fair if Vick comes out and is running all over the place they could beat anyone, but I don’t think he will, nor is he healthy enough. Each team doesn’t have that prolific running game you look for in a playoff team, but Philly can still run the rock with McCoy, can’t really say the same for the Packers but you never know.

I like Green Bay in this game, on the road, 31-28.

My “Wild Card” for each team.

Green Bay: WR Greg Jennings: Jennings is one of my favorite WR in football, I think he is going to give Asante Samuel hell out there today. I know it’s not much of a wild card pick, but that term doesn’t mean a lesser known player, to me it just a way to pick a guy who will have a big impact on whether or not their team could win, and there’s non better than Jennings. If he goes off the Packers will win, no doubt in my mind. This is a big reason why I took the Pack in the first place, I can see a 8 catch 120 yard and a TD from him today.

Philadelphia: CB Asante Samuel: Yeah, Yeah, take the easy way out, sure. Sorry, I feel very strongly about this, if Samuel brings his A-Game and could shutdown Jennings, which is no easy feat, then I can see Philly having success on defense. Ultimately leading them to a Win, if not, it’s going to be a long day in Philly and you can take it to the bank that you’ll be hearing the boo-birds.

Hope you all enjoy this segment of the website and hope I can make someone out there a little bit of dough, remember don’t be shy, comment, and even share some of your winnings here, we’re all family. Enjoy the games.

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