NFL Wild Card Saturday

The best weekend of the NFL Season?

Ahh Wild Card weekend is upon us in the NFL starting today, some say this is the best weekend of Football all year, and I tend to agree.

What our floppy asses here are going to do is dissect each game a bit, and give you my “wild card” for the games and at the end, make a prediction.

With out further or do, I’ll shut up with my introduction and get to the nitty-gritty.

Saints vs Seahawks

New Orleans @ Seattle 4:30 PM Saturday 1/8/2011

Well this is an interesting matchup, the Seahawks are the only team in NFL history to have a losing record, win their division, and make the postseason and by doing that they will HOST a playoff game. And in come the 5 seed you’re the defending Super Bowl Champs, the New Orleans Saints. Seattle has a record of 7-9 and the Saints, a respectable 11-5. I know what you’re saying, the Saints should “Brees” right by the Seahawks (pun intended) but of course, the dumb ass I’m, give the Seahawks a fighting chance. As a matter of fact, they will be my upset special. For whatever reason, whether it’s the fact that the Hawks’ are playing with house money, or that Seattle is historically one of the hardest places to play. Nawlins’ is a little beat up, Julius Jones is their starting RB, and a little banged up in the secondary, and for the most part, Seattle is healthy, Hasselbeck their QB, will draw the start after being beat up all year.

I like Seattle, in a HUGE upset, 23-20.

My “Wild Card” for each team:

Seattle: WR Mike Williams, the once 271 pound WR, ex USC stud, ex 1st round pick with Detroit, whatever you get the point. Williams has made a spectacular rebound this season and his ex head coach from College, Pete Carroll awarded him with 3 yr 11.3 million dollar contract just last week. I think he is in for a huge game, he’s been very good this season, and I expect him to abuse CB Jabari Greer.

New Orleans: S Darren Sharper, Sharper was a huge part of the Saints super bowl team last season, a turnover machine, and has a knack for the big play. Sharper will draw the start today after the injury to Malcolm Jenkins, if he can regain a bit of last years form, make a few big plays, the Saints could win this game, easy.

Jets vs Colts "The Rematch"

New York Jets @ Indianapolis 8:20 PM 1/8/2011

“This time it’s personal” the words of a loud mouth, but awesome head coach of the Jets, Rex Ryan. The Rematch of last years AFC Championship game in which the Colts won 30-17, to advance to the Super Bowl, and eventually lose to them boys in New Orleans. This year, the Jets retooled during the offseason, acquired guys like Antonio Cromartie, Jason Taylor, and drafted Kyle Wilson for a game like this, to stop, or at least contain the high-powered Colts offense, but this season has been different. The Colts are far from the team they were last year, sure, injuries have been a big reason for their struggles but all teams have them. The Jets, on the other hand have had some success this year, a lot of off field incidents, but they managed to overcome them, and find themselves in the playoffs for the second year in a row, and will draw Manning and Co. again.

The Jets come into this game fairly healthy, QB Mark Sanchez has a sore shoulder, but nothing that will affect him in-game, the Colts on the other hand, will be without LB Clint Session, OT Ryan Diem, and CB Kelvin Haden.

I like the Jets in this game, 26-20.

My “Wild Card” for each team.

Jets: LB Calvin Pace, It’s clear that Pace is the Jets best pass rusher, and the Jets are going to have to generate a 4 man rush, otherwise Manning will pick the secondary apart. Pace has come on as of late, after missing the first four games of the season with a broken foot. If Pace can get to Manning, or at least get pressure on him, Manning WILL throw the ball up for grabs.

Colts: Jacob Tamme, Peyton Manning’s security blanket and most reliable target, Dallas Clark went down in October, and missed the rest of the season. Next man up, Jacob Tamme. Tamme has been nothing short of spectacular and stepped in for Clark, and didn’t miss a beat, sure he’s not Clark, but dammit he’s close. Tamme finished the regular season with 67 rec 631 yards and 4 TD’s. The Jets have their problems covering the TE, and defending the middle of the field. If they can’t contain Tamme, he could be the main reason they beat the Jets.

I will be doing the Sunday Wild Card games later, I for one am ready for an exciting day of football, I’m going to flop out real hard today, beers and wings, have fun. I know I will.

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