Are you Floppy?

The original Flop. BEEL

According to Wikipedia,

“In basketball, flop is a pejorative term that refers to a defensive player intentionally falling backward to the floor upon physical contact with an offensive player. The hope is that it will appear to the official that the defensive player was knocked off of his feet by the offensive player’s contact, thus prompting the official to call a charging foul against the offensive player. Flopping can also refer to the offensive player who simulates fouls against the defensive player.”

A flop is also a player who has not accomplished the athletic success that he/she was suppose to. But at FloppingOut we have another definition for the term Floppy.

Floppy also refers to a male who has irregularly large breasts or tits for their size. So a skinny person can be floppy, and a fat person can not be floppy at all. So if you are called floppy that means that you have some pretty large breasts for your size aka man boobs for the lay person. If you want a reference look at the ABOUT US tab on the top of homepage you will notice that Nick and Frankie are both Floppy.

See it is alright to be floppy. Even Simon Cowell is FLOPPY

If you are still not sure or in denial about your own floppiness you can either read about Gynecomastia (scientific term for floppy) on Wikipedia at or call 1-800-WHY FLOP.

coming soon….Top Ten Floppiest Athletes

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