Next year Luck may be getting real lucky or run out of luck

Don’t get me wrong college is real fun and I would not mind staying for an extra year.  I mean you have a lot of free time, have the option to attend numerous parties, and are at the disposal of thousands of women. So I understand if Andrew Luck is trying to get “lucky” a few more times or hasn’t gotten lucky enough so he wants to tally up those numbers. Ain’t nothing wrong with that.

But why would you want to stay if there is a good shot that the Carolina Panthers (owners of the #1 overall pick) might draft you? That is almost 50 million dollars that Luck has a chance to earn, or at least 6 million dollars per year. Why would Luck stay in college where he would be at risk of injury, or even the possibility of having an off year, inevitably dropping his draft stock. After Luck’s domination against Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl why wouldn’t you leave. From this point on his stock can only go up so much, on the flipside it can fall a ton. And just for the record I am not buying his commitment to earning a degree in architectural design as his reason for staying. I mean come on Drew, architectural design. You’re better than that. If you ask me I think Luck is just trying to live out his name and get LUCKY a few more times.

Someone is trying to keep his luck up at Stanford

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One response to “Next year Luck may be getting real lucky or run out of luck

  1. sam stein

    i hate to say it but you guys predicted the games to a science i hate to see the saints loose especially to the seahwaks but i love to see the jets win even more ….youve turned me into a flopingouter (someone who avidly follows
    FlopingOut) cant wait to see next weeks predictions
    -indecisive football fan

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