Jim Harbaugh, what’s his deal?

The Jim Harbaugh circus has added a new city to its tour Miami, after being linked to Michigan, San Francisco, Denver, his former team the Standford Cardinals, and now Miami. It is now certain that Jim Harbaugh won’t be taking his talents to South Beach, but what is the reason? Whose call was it?

Earlier today Harbaugh’s phenom QB at Stanford, Andrew Luck, who was all but a lock to be the number 1 pick in this April’s draft, decided to stay in school and get his degree, as an earlier article on the site reveals. Now it looks like Stanford hit the jackpot today as Harbaugh will most likely return to Stanford, and instantly make them a favorite for the National Title next year. Enough about Stanford, let’s get down to business.

The 49ers were linked right off the bat to Harbaugh, and were willing to pay him around 4.5-5 mil per season for him to become the head coach, which is GREAT money especially for an inexperienced College coach. Harbaugh is a West coast guy, so the Niners job made all the sense in the world, and both sides met, and seemed to be ironing out a contract. Then out of no where, the Dolphins made a last-minute call, and Harbaugh decided to listen, agreeing to meet with Owner Stephen Ross in Miami the next day (today). Through out the whole day (today) numbers were leaked and the deal was all but agreed upon, the Dolphins were offering Jim upwards of 8 million dollars PER YEAR, ASTRONOMICAL numbers again for someone with hardly any NFL coaching experience (Oakland’s QB coach for a year) meanwhile, back in Miami, Tony Sparano was still under contract. Now Tony is a well-respected football mind, and a Bill Parcells crony, so the guy has some credibility, either way that is no way to treat your guy. NOW, as of about 11pm tonight the Dolphins announced they no longer want Jim Harbaugh as their Head Coach, and will stay with Tony Sparano. That has me thinking, could this guy have turned down 8 million dollars to coach this team? I’m sure we will hear more stories as the week goes on and the dust settles, not to mention the Dolphins were linked to Jon Gruden, and there was even a report out that Gruden turned down 7 million dollars to coach Miami, even before this Harbaugh news broke. Gruden, who has a Super Bowl and is a very good NFL head coach, has every right to turn down the job as he currently makes good money as an NFL Monday Night Football analyst on ESPN, so to him the situation has to be perfect. All the power to you John.

None of this makes sense to me, and I consider myself to be sensible, I guess, but I can’t justify the money and the contracts being thrown around at coaches, NOT TO MENTION, there’s a big time threat of a lockout next season due to the current CBA expiring. I’d love to hear the owners explain that.

Anyway, that all being said, lets take a look at the ever friendly Jim Harbaugh from this past weekends win in the Orange Bowl, Gettem JIMMY!

Stay classy Jim, stay classy.

Jim Harbaugh, CMON MAN!

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