Knickerbockers can’t miss against the Spurs. Wait a sec…

Last night the New York Knickerbockers scored 128 points against the #1 SPURS, beating them 128-115. Wait let me repeat that again. The same team that had the lowest winning percentage in the last decade (yes even lower than the clippers), scored more points against the Spurs during the Tim Duncan Era than any team ever. Wilson Chandler had a season high 31 points, shooting a remarkable 13 of 19, while Stoudemire added 28, shooting 11 of 17, and Felton added his own 28 points shooting 10 of 17.

Knicks are flying high at 20-14, sitting second in the Atlantic Conference behind Boston

This may have been one of the more entertaining games the NBA has seen this season as both teams shot over 53%, in addition to setting a season record for most points scored in a half.

For the Spurs Parker played extremely well, dropping buckets with such ease that it is mystery how Tony makes it look so easy sometimes. Tony had 26 points while Blair added 17, Ginobili 15, and Duncan 14. The most glaring statistic of all, however, was that the Spurs turned the ball over 16 times to the Knicks 6. This was not the typical Gregg Popovich showing, especially with what occurred with 3:13 left in the game.

With the Spurs down 11 and 3:13 left Pop decided to pull all his starters, except Parker which on the next possession would commit an intentional foul in order to sit. It was one of the weirder things I have seen in the NBA this season. I mean with 3:13 left with the second highest scoring team in the NBA one would figure that you would have a chance to recuperate 11 points, especially against a D’Antoni runned Knicks team that gives up the 3rd most points per game in the NBA. However Pop had seen enough, and his frustration showed after the game when he claimed that the Knicks wanted it more than his team and were much more aggressive.

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