The Heatles?

"The Heatles"

Upon waking up this morning I found out that Queen James nicknamed himself, Bosh, and Wade (refuse to refer to them as the “the Big Three”) the “Heatles”. Are you serious haha? First off there were four Beatles not three: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr that many referred to as the Fab Four. Now unless Lebron meant to mention the efficiency master Joel Anthony, or the amazing skills of Carlos Arroyo in this “Heatles” then we may be completely blowing this out of proportion.

BUT even if Joel Anthony was a double double guy or Carlos Arroyo was hitting threes all the way from his Puerto Rican hometown, in the words of Chuck that nickname is just terrible. I mean try saying “Heatles”. It makes me feel awkward just saying it. Lebron I know your judgment towards your NBA career isn’t all that good, but now I have to question your swag. If you have any left at all after this summer.

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