Pete Carrol has a Man Crush…

There is minimal doubt here at FloppingOut that Charlie Whitehurst will be the starting quaterback for the Seattle Seahawks on Saturday versus the defending champions. Not only did Charlie Whitehurst play pretty well against the Rams, proving to be a leader on the field. If you saw his first drive against the Rams, Charlie looked as if he had been a starting quaterback in the NFL for the past 10 years. Not only were his throws crisp and accurate, he played with such confidence that I would understand why Pete would go with Whitehurst and he will…

If you saw the end of the game Pete Carrol looked so happy with Charlie and with the looks, pats and hugs Pete gave Charlie you would have thought he was hitting on some chick at the beaches of Southern Cal. I mean realistically it has probably been a while since Pete has got it in, and Charlie does have some pretty long hair SO

Pete seems to have his Date prepared for the LATE NIGHT on Saturday


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